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Bullies and Bigots of “Big Gay” on the Attack in Indiana

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Published on: March 30, 2015

The homosexual lobby has reacted with a spectacular display of hatred and vitriol in the wake of the passage of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). This is a law that protects religious liberty for every individual and business in the state.

This bill will keep Indiana from doing what Washington and Colorado are doing to their florists and bakers, which is to punish them for running their businesses according to conscience and Christian principle.

But any effort to protect religious liberty in America now draws the withering fire of homosexual activists, who know that the only thing that stands between them and the total takeover of our culture is religious conviction. Therefore they must smash and obliterate religious liberty wherever it is found.

Businesses such as Angie’s List are already canceling multi-million dollar projects in Indiana, conventions are being canceled, mayors in cities such as San Francisco have banned any taxpayer-funded travel to the state, Apple CEO Tim Cook is writing scathing editorials, Charles Barkley is condemning Indiana, and the NCAA and the NFL are rattling their sabers about punishing the Hoosier state for the crime of protecting the free exercise of religion.

With the Final Four being hosted by Indianapolis this coming Saturday, expect things to be at fever pitch all week. Already, pro-family organizations that worked to pass this bill are getting death threats and Christian businesses are getting threatened too. We’re closer than most people think to our own Kristallnacht, in which Christian businesses could be trashed, vandalized and burned by radical anti-Christian bigots.

A look at Indiana governor Mike Pence’s Facebook page reveals one snarky, hate-filled comment after another. All of this represents a bewildering, irrational and mindless venom that is alarming and disturbing to behold.

The only hate in Indiana is coming from pro-homosexual zealots. Haters gonna hate, and they’re working overtime in Indiana right now.

But Indiana’s RFRA is exactly the same RFRA that is already in place and working just fine in 19 other states. It’s the same bill that Barack Obama voted for when he was a state senator in Illinois. Now, according to the “Gay Gestapo,” President Obama has suddenly become a flaming homophobic bigot. Who knew?

Perhaps Gov. Pence could invite the president to come to Indiana and explain this bill to its rabid opponents. If it was good enough for President Obama, it ought to be good enough for Hoosiers.

Its language is identical in all fundamental respects to the 1993 federal RFRA, which was introduced by noted homophobe Chuck Schumer, was supported by another noted homophobe, Ted Kennedy, and signed into law by notoriously anti-sodomy president Bill Clinton after it passed the House unanimously and the Senate 97-3.

When you look at the pedigree on this bill at both the federal and state level, it is simply preposterous to think that this bill represents hatred of any kind.

Gov. Pence went on Sunday morning television yesterday to assure a combative George Stephanopolous that the law is not going to be changed. Nor should it.

Unfortunately, the governor also seems to be talking about additional language to “clarify” the intent of the law. But the law does not need to be clarified, it only needs to be defended. A clarifying bill would only represent a surrender to the homosexual lobby, and provide another example of well-meaning lawmakers getting pushed around by the so-called voices of tolerance.

The real bullies and bigots in Indiana are the pro-sodomite forces who want to silence and punish Christian business owners. All of this hatred is coming from people who claim that they are all about “live and let live.” Hardly.

If you have ever doubted that there is something dark and dangerous driving homosexual activism, just keep your eyes fixed on Indiana this week.

What you see will alarm you, disturb you, and perhaps motivate you to do your part to push back against what Bill Maher calls the “gay mafia” before they destroy everything in their path.

(Unless otherwise noted, the opinions expressed are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Family Association or American Family Radio.)

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