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Bundy Ranch & Oregon Protesters Receive “Heroic Action & Bravery” Recognition from NV Representative

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Published on: November 15, 2016

We are less than a month away from the trial of those who have been arrested in the Bundy Ranch siege in Nevada. However, these stories continue to come out that the mainstream media and even alternative media are ignoring. One of those is that Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore has issued a Certificate of Recognition for defending the US Constitution to all those who have been released and those still being held in both Oregon and Nevada.

The release of the awards were made public by Deb Jordan of The Pete Santilli Show on her Facebook page. Here’s the one that reporter Pete Santilli received from Fiore. It is an official government document from the State of Nevada.


According to Jordan, “each prisoner, freed and still being held, their families, and attorneys, will be receiving one of these beautiful certificates from the Office of Assemblywoman Michele Fiore.”

Others who will be included in this special honor are:

Jordan praised Fiore for standing for the law and for liberty.

“This woman unashamedly stands by her conviction that our beloved men and women who went to Oregon, and that those incarcerated in Nevada, are true American Heroes,” she wrote. “We can only pray that all State leaders are as honorable as you have been and continue to be.”

Indeed. Fiore went out to Bundy Ranch to stand against with those defending the Bundys. She traveled to Oregon to meet with her constituents who were being held unjustly. She has put forth far more effort in standing with those who stand for the Constitution and liberty than many public servants I have witnessed in my lifetime.

Santilli was released in September from an Oregon jail and transferred to Nevada to face charges there after all charges against him were dropped in the Oregon Maheur case.

Just yesterday, I reported on the fact that Ammon and Ryan Bundy are considered missing. Three weeks after being acquitted both men cannot be found, thought they were reported as being held in a facility in Seattle. So far, no word has been heard from them.

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