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California: Civil Rights Attorney Warns Against Turning Schools Into Experimental COVID VAXX Centers – Calls For Resignation Of County Health Officer & School Board Superintendent (Video)

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Published on: April 19, 2021

Civil rights attorney Leah Dundas has been an outspoken critic of tyrannical government during the CON-vid-1984 in 2020 and 2021.  Recently, she not only called for the resignation of the County Health Officer and the School Board Superintendent of Orange County California for planning to undermine parents and inject their children without consent with the experimental, unsafe and ineffective COVID injections, but she also warned of turning schools into Vaxx centers.

Here’s Dundas’ comments.

Because she only had a short time to speak, Dundas spoke swiftly and succinctly.

Health Impact News reported:

California civil rights attorney Leigh Dundas is making waves again in Orange County, California, where she recently called for the resignation of Orange County Health Officer Dr. Clayton Chau and Orange County Superintendent of Schools Al Mijares for allegedly meeting and discussing how to remove parental consent to experimental COVID “vaccines” for school children, and turn schools into COVID-19 “vaccination centers.”

Last year, Attorney Dundas publicly criticized then Orange County Health Officer Dr. Nichole Quick for her policies on mandatory masks in the county, and it led to Dr. Quick’s resignation. Her replacement, Dr. Clayton Chau, is now under public scrutiny from Attorney Dundas for suggesting that children should be vaccinated with the experimental COVID shots without parental consent.

Attorney Leigh Dundas expressed her displeasure at this meeting at a public forum last week, and issued strict warnings to Orange County Health Officer Dr. Clayton Chau and Orange County Superintendent of Schools Al Mijares during a 3.5 minute rant.

Frankly, resigning is not good enough.  These people need to be removed and prosecuted for their crimes and planning crimes against the people and their children.  Justice is what guards our liberties, not resignations!

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