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California’s War On Parents, Children & Doctors’ Rights Through Elimination Of Vaccine Exemptions (Video)

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Published on: September 30, 2019

I’ve been covering some stories of late concerning vaccines, mandatory vaccinations, and informed consent.  However, for the people of California, the reality is that the state has assumed the place of God in virtually eliminating any vaccine exemptions that parents are their doctors would seek to engage in.  It’s a clear violation of the First Amendment and attempts to line the pockets of Big Pharma at the expense of liberty and the lives of the citizens of California.

In a recent episode of Truth In Media, investigative journalist Ben Swann not only lays out what the new law, which is pretended legislation because it is a usurpation of authority not granted to government, will do by forcing the small percentage of parents who are informed about vaccines and want nothing to do with them, but he also interviews Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who has been at the forefront of fighting for the rights of those who are informed about vaccines to refuse to take them and refuse to submit their children to them as well.

Swann takes a look into California’s newly passed mandatory vaccine law modifying the oversight of vaccine exemptions, which has sparked controversy as some say this law effectively removes all medical exemptions and puts thousands of children at risk.

Legendary activist, Chairman of Children’s Health Defense and leading critic of the new law Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was interviewed and they discussed who is actually behind the push for SB 276 as well as many other laws like it across the country.

Swann expects the report to be targeted by social media and possibly pulled since it goes against the official narrative of the mainstream media, corrupt politicians and Big Pharma, who have billions of dollars at stake.

One thing that Swann points out is that for the past 4 decades over $1 billion per decades has been paid out to families as a result of harm caused by vaccines and those are only a small portion of claims that have been submitted.

While vaccines of the past logically and scientifically sought to eradicate deadly diseases, the newer vaccines largely have tremendous side effects, including death.  Yet, they are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which lists on their own website hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans who have died from drugs they have approved.  And they continue to function with full immunity.

Here’s Swann’s report.  The Kennedy interview comes around the 14:00 mark.

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