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What Can Be Learned from Nigel Farage and the United Kingdom Independent Party

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Published on: September 17, 2014

How many people in America today believe they have no voice in government? How many people in America today believe their representatives in government do not truly represent their viewpoint? How many people in America today believe the government has deviated from its true intent? How many people in America today believe our sovereignty as a nation is being sold out, our values and culture diminished and our very existence is being threatened?

The true answers to these questions cannot be found; however, there are many in America who believe that no one in our government represents them in our current two party system. Democrats have shown throughout the Obama administration where their ideology truly rests. Establishment Republicans have turned out to be weak and ineffective. RINOs have truly not demonstrated their commitment to the nation and its sovereignty. Conservative viewpoints in Washington have become almost extinct. Granted, there are a few shining bulbs in Washington that espouse Conservative views and values. Those few individuals barely make a candlelight’s worth of illumination in the darkness that has infiltrated Washington.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

While we are engaged in an uphill run to save this nation, there is a cause for hope. There is an example that all is not lost and one has to look no further than the United Kingdom Independent Party or UKIP. Yes, the UKIP is in the United Kingdom and has nothing to do with America and Americans saving their nation. However, the UKIP is standing strong against the European Union (EU) through its leader, Nigel Farage.

In an interview with Ginni Thomas, Farage explains the UKIP entered the political realm in response to many constituents in the UK believing they were not represented.

Watch the video.


Listening to Farage, one could surmise he shares the same views as many conservatives here in America.

Farage has taken up the torch against the EU, in support of his native country, unafraid to claim his birthright, be proud of it, celebrate its culture and uphold the sovereignty of his nation with the mantra of “equality under the law.” That sounds familiar.

Did you pay close attention to the way he describes the EU parliament?

[They are] “incredibly bland, incredibly dull, gray in every sense, devoid of humor. Irony escapes them completely; desperately earnest, so, so sincere and none of them ever had a job. None of them have ever lived in the real world. None of them meet ordinary people and very few of them have a clue.”

Does that sound like some people in Congress or maybe even an elected leader? Well, maybe not the earnest and sincere part.

According to Farage, they could not pass his two-part test; first – would he hire them, second – would he have a drink with them.

Sounds like a pretty good test. If you would not hire them to work in a private corporation, why would you “hire” them to “work” for you in government? And, would you really sit and have a drink with someone you did not want to be friends with or were interested in getting to know?

The similarities of what Britain is facing rings very close to what America is facing. The difference is Britons now have a formal party they can support, a party who represents them, where Americans do not. The UKIP has a leader in Farage who will stand tall amidst criticism, name-calling and ostracism. Is there in America one such person who will stand for the Constitution amid such?

Farage echoes what many Americans believe at this point – many of us do not have a voice. We are not adequately represented in our government. And, as much as the tea party tries, Farage’s assessment that trying to function within the Republican Party has not brought about the results many Americans would like to see hits the nail on the head.

The two-party system has functioned marvelously in America – for the two parties. The Democrat and Republican parties are nothing but different sides of the same coin. Each gives Americans just a small bit of what is Constitutional in order to keep Americans complacent and supportive of the system politicians established to maintain power. But, governance is not about maintaining power and implementing “party” policy through the party system. Governance is about adherence to the rule of law and our rule of law is the Constitution of the United States of America.

If many of the citizens of Britain, other countries in Europe as well, can boldly stand in support of values similar to the US and the principles upon which this nation was founded, surely, the citizens of the most free nation in the world can do the same.

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