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This Week’s Five Evils Report

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Published on: September 17, 2014

As you know, I am in favor of a Torah Nation and world. As you also may know, I believe there are Five Evils to confront at all times, and that we are now in a state of the world which is in crisis on all five fronts at once.

Let’s look at this week’s Five Evils Report:

  2. By savagery, we mean a propensity to commit violence and murder in a barbaric fashion, with a purpose of domination. While savagery can also be applied to other evils, there is a barbarism which seems endemic to a people, almost genetic. As usual, the Muslims are at the top of the heap here.

    And for those who cry out that there are moderate Muslims, where are they? Their silence is a tacit agreement to the Caliphate that looms over all of us. If it were just a few thousand Muslims, we could live with their craziness and eradicate them swiftly. But if even 10% of Muslims are barbaric, that’s 150 million savages.

    We have seen this past week more beheadings, more destruction of property, more threats, more declarations of war. In the past couple of weeks, missing planes in the Libyan Embassy, slaughter of Christians over a wide swath of the Mid-East, and their counterparts in England, Belgium, and elsewhere inciting antisemitism.

    There is the case of the New Jersey boy, a Christian, butchered for no reason than simply being. There are banners hanging, and messages left on street corners, in America, saying that another 9-11 is coming.

    There are ISIS uniforms being worn in America.

    There are women joining jihad from Minnesota, home of Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison.

    In Africa, Boko haram continues unabated. And Farrakhan is still at it, ginning up the masses of his own. NOW, what are you going to do about it? The time for beatdowns is long overdue. That’s a good start. I’m not interested in debating the lawfulness of citizens keeping the peace for the police, or providing for the true hegemony of Judeo-Christian culture, in America. Savages do not respond to civility or reason.

    We also seem to have a problem with black youth. Riots in cities over things which happened far away. Flash mobs looting in malls. Knockout violence of random nature. Once again, I cannot debate with you whether protecting yourself is lawful, biblical, or racist. You’ll just have to hit hard now and go to therapy later.

  4. Putin is making tremendous inroads into Ukraine, and into the hearts of the youth. Putin seems like a cuddly bear, doesn’t he? That’s sad. Putin made it clear that we don’t have his blessing to go into Syria. And Obama is using that “flexibility” to consort with Putin on World War 3. Meanwhile, Red China, where we buy our clothes, rattled their swords against America as well last week. Not really a new development. Even the lowly Cuban reds have gotten in on threatening America. Terrifyingly, the younger generation, having been taught that McCarthyism is bad, have rallied to calling “conspiracy theorist” against anyone who suggests communism is alive. Good job, communists!

    Common Core met a small defeat last week, but it’s not dead. The only thing that can kill it is a benevolent dictator. I am open for business in that regard. The education system continues to pump out brainwashed pansies who think girls are demigods, but boys are animals; that homosexuality is cool, but being normal is not.

    Meanwhile, Debasio, the mayor of New York, can’t get a security clearance. That should work out well in case of terrorism, planned or otherwise. Bill Ayers continues to run free. The walrus Trumpka continues to incite the fast food workers out of their jobs, for obvious reasons, to stir and cultivate anger.

    And Obamacare, meeting a defeat in the courts, has decided the courts are wrong and to go on with redistributing wealth anyway.

  6. The New World Order integrated its factions this week, promenading Hillary Clinton around Iowa to draw attention away from Obama golfing, which draws away attention from the fact that America funds ISIS, which draws away attention from the border, which draws away attention from Ebola, which draws away attention from Benghazi, which draws away attention from Fast and Furious, which itself was a diversion.

    The Fed continued to pump out the fake money unabated, even as tax receipts reached a new high, causing some to ask, “If you’re gonna print, why do you need my taxes?” This drew an immediate SWAT response. Four dead, including a dog.

    Syria was on the list of targets that Obama said he will “hit” in order to teach ISIL to obey. But Mecca remained off the target list.

    Glenn Beck continued his tirade against anyone who disagrees with him, and feigned more ignorance who Alex Jones is or what Building 7 might be. 9/11 came and went without a victory in hand again. And the TSA, NSA, and DHS felt up and spied upon a record number of travelers who enjoy being slaves.

  7. CRIME.
  8. The topper of the list this week was learning that the Mexican cartels are not only running sex slave rings and drug mules into America, and not only dropping illegals into every possible spot, but are also inserting terrorists over the border. Why not? Our border guards do nothing anyway. And before you criticize the criticism, aim your gun over that way.

    Mafia topped the charts again this week on IMDB, and glorifying crime and the thug culture hit new heights when a rap party turned into a shoot-em-up and TMZ was there to film the whole thing, for your pleasure. Exposure of entertainers as former pimps, drug lords, and even murderers failed to dent the charts.

    Chicago was the scene for many more bloody drive-bys. Rahm Emanuel was unavailable for comment or funeral processions.

  10. Marijuana made a name again for itself by failing to produce enough tax revenue to justify its legalization. When questioned, nobody cared. More transportation wrecks are noted due to pot use, but these were overshadowed by increased alcohol-related accidents by drunk illegals.

    Ray Rice made the news for hitting his wife, proving that Americans can really get behind something very trivial when they put their mind to it. Female Ravens fans jeered Rice by wearing his jersey for Monday Night Football. ESPN publicly apologized for these women, but those sportcasters were immediately dismissed for being insensitive.

    Tattoos continue to mark up bodies everywhere in celebration of “Drunk Night Out” Day. Bacon was the #1 tattoo of the week. If that offends you, you need sensitivity training.

    More abortions were performed than ever before last week, but experts are sure these will decrease with the rise in homosexuality.

    In a related story, bestiality is hailed as a way to save millions of animals from shelters. Send complaints about this story to the ASPCA.

    That’s it for now. Have a Torah week.

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