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Can we Teach Congress Critters not too Steal?

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Published on: January 4, 2016

Well, the liar-in-chief is at it again, Obama is so worried about gun violence he is going to use executive orders to stop it. That’s right Obama is going to break the law to enforce the law. This is becoming pretty common and is no surprise. However, it is still rather amazing the level of hypocrisy our government is capable of. Every time I say that my opinion of them cannot get any worse, they prove me wrong and prove themselves to be even more disgusting than I even thought they could be.

This causes me to ponder a question: will Americans finally realize we are not a democracy and have almost no control over what our government does?

To evaluate this, I will focus on the claims of economic success and the national debt. If we feed into the so-called American exceptionalism claim, that there has never been a county greater than ours, I cannot help but ask where is the proof? Our national debt is higher than any country in history. If our country is so great, why did the people who elected our leaders not want to pay for the wonderful things they did? The blame goes to everyone, Democrats increased the debt and Republicans increased the debt.

Our parents were unwilling to pay for what their government did. What makes anyone think our children will want to pay for what our government did? How is it democracy to vote to spend money someone who is not even born yet will be expected to pay? Obviously, it is not a democratic process if people many lifetimes before someone is born can stick the future person with the past person’s spending. Something I find very troubling is no one seems to care if it is an ethical thing to do. The Bible says the borrower is a slave to the lender. America is selling generations that are not even born yet into slavery because we refuse to control our government’s spending.

I suppose it is too much to expect the clowns in the black gowns on the Supreme Court to consider indebting the unborn to be unconstitutional considering they lack the intelligence to consider murdering the unborn and selling their body parts to be unconstitutional. Even so, it is still rather frightening that even a judge can be that stupid.

Maybe we could teach our leaders how to evaluate right from wrong so they can learn to do right. We could say, “Hey congress critter,” if you see a business man in a new car that does not prove he is successful. It may just prove a bank was dumb enough to borrow him the money to buy the car. If the businessman promised that his grandchildren would pay for the loan once they were born decades if not centuries later, it would prove that the bank was very stupid, not that the businessman was successful. A true sign of success would be if the businessman bought the car with money that was left over after he paid off all of the business’s bills. Most of us would call that profit however I do not want to get too complicated since we are trying to teach a congress critter.

Another thing we could do is teach them about stealing. Now, I do not mean teaching the congress critter how to steal, as no one can steal better than a congress critter. Congress critters are masters at stealing. What I mean is we should teach them that stealing is wrong and what stealing is.

For example, if the congress critter went into a grocery store and loaded one hundred grocery carts with the most expensive items, and at the checkout only paid for a $1.00 can of soup, and then signed a loan promising that once their great grandchild was born, that grandchild would not only be willing to pay for the groceries, but would pay for the groceries the congress critter took. That would be stealing. I know in the congress critter’s world there is no such thing as stealing, only deficit spending. However, my point is we should consider teaching the congress critters what stealing is no matter how daunting that task may be.

I know it may be simpler for me to lasso a unicorn and ride it around the capital with a protest sign then it would be to teach a congress critter what stealing is and not to do it. However I believe we owe it to our unborn grandchildren to try.

Who knows, if we can ever teach a congress critter not to steal, then maybe someday we could teach Supreme Court justices not to be stupid.

Now there’s a daunting task.

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