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America Dodged a Bullet on New Year’s Eve

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Published on: January 4, 2016

We escaped a bullet on New Year’s Eve. Many bullets, in fact.

Thankfully, freedom-loving people were spared a massive jihad attack on New Year’s Eve, thanks to extraordinary wartime measures that were implemented in many major cities across the world.
Jews in Israel were not so lucky when a devout Muslim opened fire on a bar restaurant in Tel Aviv, killing two people and wounding five. But that was all the success that jihad mass murderers had on New Year’s Eve, despite their best efforts. New York City’s Times Square was in lockdown, much like a war zone, and there was no jihad attack there.
Extreme measures were undertaken elsewhere as well. NBC News reported that “Munich’s main station was evacuated just before New Year after authorities received a ‘very concrete’ tip that ISIS militants from Iraq and Syria were planning an attack at midnight, officials said Friday.”

Meanwhile, the BBC reported that in Belgium and France, authorities were also working overtime to prevent more jihad mass murder: “Three people detained on Thursday in connection with an alleged plot to target Brussels on New Year’s Eve are to be held for a further 24 hours, Belgian prosecutors say. Another three people who were also detained during the raids in and around the Belgian capital have been released. Two other terror suspects were arrested earlier this week, and Brussels’ mayor canceled New Year festivities. French authorities have deployed more than 100,000 police to ensure security.”

Brussels was a particular target. The Independent reported on New Year’s Eve that “two members of a motorbike gang with alleged links to global terror networks are among the suspects arrested over a plot to launch attacks in Brussels. Authorities said a suspected Isis terror cell were planning to attack high-profile targets in the Belgian capital over the festive season, prompting the cancellation of its main New Year’s Eve fireworks display.

Military fatigues, Airsoft replica gun equipment, ISIS propaganda, phones and computers have been seized from homes of the alleged suspects in a series of police raids.”

“Brussels’ mayor canceled New Year festivities.” This is simply to reward terrorists, and to show them that they can get us to curtail our activities with the threat of murder. Breitbart London summed it up: “So this is the way 2015 ends for Europe, not with a bang, but with a whimper. With Brussels, Paris, London and Berlin all on high alert, having either canceled or drastically altered their plans for traditional New Year’s celebrations across the capitals of the continent.” What are the implications of this? The loss of our civilizational identity: “‘Tolerance’ – going. ‘Sexual liberation’ – going. ‘Feminism’ – gone. These, if not yet fully dead, are ideals in their death throes as Europe undergoes a seismic shift in demographics and inevitably, our politics. And what better way than to mark the occasion that German Chancellor Angela Merkel – not so much the architect as the project manager – delivering her annual New Year speech, for the first time, subtitled in Arabic?”

Even outside of major cities, jihad terrorists were plotting to commit mass murder on New Year’s Eve. According to the Christian Science Monitor, “A young man in Rochester, N.Y., faces charges of plotting to kill people celebrating New Years Eve, the FBI said, in one of several cases of suspected terrorist activity in upstate New York since 9/11. Emanuel Lutchman, age 25, is suspected of providing material support to the Islamic State. In the past few days, he had purchased supplies at Walmart in preparation to attack, kidnap and kill people at a restaurant or bar on New Year’s Eve, as the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle reported. Officials have not released the specific target. According to an affidavit from FBI Special Agent Timothy Klapec, Mr. Lutchman had pledged allegiance to IS and was attempting to travel to Syria, but was encouraged by a suspected IS-affiliate to launch an attack against non-Muslims in the United States to prove himself.”

All those plots foiled – that’s a testimony to the continuing effectiveness of our law-enforcement apparatus, even as Obama has tried to cripple it by forbidding counter-terror training to contain any mention of Islam or jihad in connection with terrorism. But these foiled plots are hardly the end – no, they are, in fact, just the beginning.

CNN noted: “Disrupted terrorist plots. Increased police presence. Warnings to stay alert. Fears of terrorism and stepped-up security provide a sobering backdrop to planned New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world.” This is the new normal. CNN added: “In the United States, federal and local security officials are tightening security in high-profile locations, including New York’s Times Square and the Rose Bowl festivities near Los Angeles. In Belgium and Turkey, police said they disrupted terrorist plots that would have targeted celebrations to ring in the New Year in the capitals of those countries. … Before President Barack Obama left for his Hawaii vacation, his top security officials briefed him about a threat, originating from overseas, of possible attacks in New York, Los Angeles and Washington between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, according to senior U.S. officials briefed on the matter.”

Yet in light of this, National Public Radio kicked off the New Year by pushing Muslim immigration and ignoring the terror threat. Your taxpayer dollars at work. Just how much does the U.S. government give to NPR annually? $400 million in 2010 – how much in 2015? Yet NPR does not represent We the People. It has its own liberal agenda to follow, smearing and defaming everyone who calls attention to the jihad threat. NPR must be defunded.

We escaped a bullet as we ushered in the new year of 2016, but this is no way to live – with a siege-like mentality while demonizing criticism of the ideology of the enemy. In 2016, this willful ignorance must end.

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