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Canada: 20-Year-Old Muslim Steals Airplane and Crashes It into Mall, Father Blames Police

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Published on: August 23, 2016

Here is another example of why Islamic groups have leached onto the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Any movement dedicated to chaos and the destruction of America and freedom serves jihad.

This 9/11 inspired attack is being called….. wait for it….. mental illness.

I guess this pious young Muslim’s childhood dream was to grow to be the next Mohamed Atta.

Canada: Muslim steals airplane and crashes it into mall, father blames police,” By Blain Tamarin, August 22, 2016:

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Somehow this story managed to fly under the radar (pardon the pun). Mohammad Hassan Chaudhary, 20, of Markham, Ontario, was killed after crashing a stolen airplane into a local shopping mall. Naturally, his father told media sources that Mohammad lived with schizophrenia and other mental health issues. The Toronto Star news outlet goes so far as to call Mohammad a “troubled tinkerer,” in a way reminiscent of Clock Boy Ahmed Mohamed. Many sources did not even mention the “20-year-old man” by name, perhaps in an attempt to avoid further scrutiny.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have declared the incident to NOT be a national security issue, despite the fact that the stolen Piper Tomahawk plane was full of fuel and was ready to fly for five hours. Afzal Chaudhary, Mohammad’s father, “expressed outrage over the fact that his son was able to break into the airport, steal a small aircraft, and crash land on the streets of Peterborough without any intervention from police or airport security officials.”

As many jihad terrorists nowadays are supposedly plagued by mental health issues, Canada should be relieved that this incident did not cost any lives other than Mohammad’s. The grand irony in this case is that Afzal Chaudhary blames Canadian police for his son’s death, while in reality any sort of police involvement when it comes to Muslims is deemed “Islamophobic.”

If you see something, say something, unless…

“RCMP confirm Peterborough plane crash was subject of national security investigation,” by Adam Miller, Cindy Pom and Allison Vuchnich, Global News, August 19, 2016:

“A day after Global News reported the RCMP was investigating national security aspects related to the stolen plane that crashed in Peterborough, Ont. last week, the RCMP has confirmed its national security enforcement unit was involved in the investigation.

The national police force also said it found no threat to national security, no motive for the theft and declined to provide an explanation as to how a 20-year-old Markham man with mental health issues who “acted alone,” managed to steal the plane undetected and crash it in a major Ontario city.

Mohammad Hassan Chaudhary of Markham, Ont. was killed after the small Piper Tomahawk aircraft he allegedly stole from the Markham Airport smashed into the ground just before 1:30 a.m. Aug. 12 near the Landsdowne Place mall. Chaudhary’s father told Global News his son lived with schizophrenia and other mental health issues.

Afzal Chaudhary said his he is shocked his son was able to steal and fly the plane without a “single minute” of flight training.

Sources close to the investigation confirmed to Global News the RCMP led the inquiry into the crash and Chaudhary said they had met with him “many times” to discuss his son’s involvement.

RCMP spokeswoman Sgt. Penny Hermann initially told Global News the national police force was investigating “the reasons that the aircraft was stolen” with the Peterborough Police Service and York Regional Police, but declined to comment on whether the RCMP was leading the investigation or if it was being treated as a national security issue.

After declining multiple requests for additional comment, Hermann contacted Global News Thursday evening with a brief updated statement.

“I just got information saying that based on our joint investigation in regards to that plane crash, there is no national security aspect,” said Hermann, who was unavailable for further comment.

The RCMP released a statement Friday afternoon that said the three police services had been “working together” to investigate the crash and confirmed the Ontario RCMP Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) had been involved in the investigation.

“As Canadian airspace incidents involve federal authorities in the investigation, PPS contacted the Ontario RCMP Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) during their initial investigation as did YRP during their investigation,” the statement said.

“INSET has followed up on the information provided by both police services and we have no information to indicate there is a link with national security. The investigation has not revealed the motive for the theft and all indications are that the young man acted alone.”

Chaudhary expressed outrage over the fact that his son was somehow able to break into the airport, steal a small aircraft and crash land on the streets of Peterborough without any intervention from police or airport security officials…”

And when police  do intervene, it’s called ‘entrapment.

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