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New Year’s Eve Terror Attacks: Europe’s Civil War

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Published on: January 11, 2016

Last week, I broke the story at my website, Atlas Shrugs ( Muslim mobs were sexually harassing scores of young women on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany. The media refused to cover the story for days. That’s why you read Atlas Shrugs: to get the news the media won’t cover. Even ABC and NBC turned a blind eye to the New Year’s Eve story of Muslim savages who raped and robbed female passers-by outside Cologne’s main train station while throwing explosives at New Year’s Eve revelers.

The scale of these mass Muslim attacks is only now beginning to be made known. When I first broke the story in the U.S. here on Jan. 3, I reported that hundreds of migrants had sexually attacked and robbed non-Muslim European girls. It wasn’t hundreds; it was thousands. Saturday, it was 379 criminal complaints. Sunday it was more than 600 and climbing. And just as depraved and criminal was the law enforcement and enemedia cover-up of this large-scale act of war. Migrants in Berlin shot guns and threw explosives. These were coordinated sexual assaults and robberies of women by “foreign assailants.”

Yes, this is civil war. Will the Europeans fight? The police are on the side of their conquerors. There were too few police on New Year’s Eve in Cologne. The girls were on their own to “run the gauntlet.” And yet on Saturday, when there was a demo against the mass sexual attacks, there was an overwhelming police presence in Cologne. The anti-migrant movement was rallying against the rash of assaults on women by migrants in the city on New Year’s Eve. German police have water cannons and pepper spray to disperse demonstrators. Where was this strong police presence on New Year’s Eve? Why weren’t the tactics used against the anti-rape and robbery rally employed against the Muslim migrant hordes?

Both law enforcement and media outlets tried to cover up what is now the biggest news story in the world. The police even wrote that it was a normal New Year’s Eve in their initial statement (which they corrected). In reality, this was a terror attack. ISIS warned of New Year’s jihad attacks, and these coordinated attacks spanned all of Europe. Widespread sex attacks were reported in Austria, Finland, France, Germany, and Switzerland.

My initial story went viral on Facebook, forcing media outlets to comment and cover what was happening. When they did finally take notice of the story, mainstream media outlets insisted that the evildoers weren’t refugees; however, there were people on social media who were there, and they were saying otherwise. According to a post on a big local group on Facebook in Cologne, most of the perpetrators were speaking Arabic. That post got deleted pretty fast. Mark Zuckerberg is Angela Merkel’s mop-up boy now.

The cover-up of the Muslim hordes raping and robbing non-Muslim women on New Year’s Eve goes far beyond the Merkel media. This is a pattern that has been going on for months. Take, for example, Dagens Nyheter, a daily newspaper in Sweden that “aspires to full national and international coverage.” One of their editorial writers, Hanne Kjøller, describes herself as a liberal feminist. And yet she was given a story about a Cologne-like mass sex attack, but when she heard the perpetrators were Muslim migrants, she refused to cover it.

Bigger media outlets, however, finally picked up the story. Germany’s largest television station, ZDF, issued an apology Wednesday for not reporting on what happened in Cologne, where more than a thousand Muslim attackers brutalized women. They even ripped off one girl’s stockings and underwear. One victim said: “They were with their hands really everywhere. This is something I’ve never experienced. When we called for help, they laughed.” Another recounted: “I had fingers on every orifice.” A girl was left with horrific burns on her shoulder after a firework was shoved into the hoodie she was wearing.

It wasn’t just in Cologne, either. Finnish police reported that migrants sexually assaulted women in Helsinki on New Year’s Eve also. Helsinki deputy police chief Ilkka Koskimaki said: “There hasn’t been this kind of harassment on previous New Year’s Eves or other occasions for that matter. … This is a completely new phenomenon in Helsinki.” Get used to it.

And in Zurich, at least six women have reported that “dark-skinned” men sexually harassed and molested them on New Year’s Eve.

This is what Europeans can expect in the “new normal.” A number of my readers didn’t venture out. One wrote me: “It’s way too dangerous on the streets of Berlin on New Year’s Eve.” Welcome to Multiculti Europe. It sounds just like Tahrir Square in Egypt, when “freedom movement” revelers were sexually attacking any woman who dared venture out. Think Lara Logan.

Then the mayor of the city where hundreds of women were robbed, sexually attacked, molested and even raped on New Year’s Eve blamed the victims. Worse still, the mayor is a woman. The mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, intends to publish a behavioral code for the forthcoming carnival in Cologne. But if you think that this behavioral code is meant for the Muslim mobs, you are wrong. This behavioral code is meant for the victims, the women.

Amid the chaos in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, the Muslim attackers mocked police and attacked them with fireworks and bottles. One cried: “I am Syrian, I must be handled in a friendly manner. Mrs. Merkel invited me here!”

For their part, police were apparently ordered to cover up the full extent of what happened in Cologne, so as to avoid fueling the “right-wing extremist debate” – in other words, so as not to aid those who refuse to submit to jihad and Shariah. One 18-year-old victim claimed that she had to go report her attack at a different police station, as the police in Cologne sent her away. Others are saying that the police were no help that evening.

This not-so-shocking claim comes as Germany registered more than one million migrants in 2015, five times last year’s total.

I warned that all this would happen, and now it is happening. Those of us who sounded the alarm were smeared, libeled and relegated to the very fringe. European authorities have been much more intent on shutting down resistance to jihad than on stopping jihad activity and Islamic supremacism in their own countries. This is what that policy has gotten them.

And Obama has done the very same thing. Even when a policeman was shot 13 times in Philadelphia and insisted that he did it “in the name of Islam,” Obama had “no comment.” Another ISIS terrorist attack, and the president of the United States had no comment?

Meanwhile, at such a time as this, Mein Kampf was reprinted in Germany for the first time in decades, and it immediately sold out. The timing on this is suspicious. Mein Kampf is a bestseller in many Muslim countries. Europe, and most particularly Germany, is morphing into a Muslim state at warped speed. The rise in Jew-hatred in Europe is tied directly to the increase in Muslim immigration. Islamic antisemitism is in the Quran.

Cologne’s police chief has resigned for his mishandling of the situation. But it’s not his policy; it’s Merkel’s. She should resign. And Henriette Reker should also resign. If these mass attacks aren’t enough to compel Merkel to abandon her disastrous Muslim immigration plan, then Germany is doomed. And not just Germany, but all of Europe.


Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books

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