Nonetheless, Americans should not be concerned about the vaccines’ safety because the CDC apparently already knew that “mRNA vaccines ARE safe and effective.”

year later (July 22, 2022), the story had changed a wee bit:

Phew! So, good to know:

  1. The vaccines STILL cannot give you COVID-19. That’s good.
  2. They STILL do not Interact with our DNA. That’s good, too.
  3. The mRNA and the spike protein itself “do not last long in the body” (a few days for the mRNA and up to a few weeks for the spike protein).

I hope we can all agree that “up to a few weeks” = “not long.”

And now we know that “soon” had always meant “a few days.”

And now, “mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines HAVE BEEN Rigorously Evaluated for Safety.” Just like they promised in July 2021.

Then, as of July 23, 2022, one day later, the list of “facts” gets a bit shorter:

short version covid mrna vaccine facts july 2022

Hmmm … the same vaccines now:

  1. Cannot give you COVID-19. That’s still good.
  2. Do not affect/interact with our DNA. So is that.

Two out of three is STILL pretty good, right?

At least we can stop arguing about how the CDC should define “soon” and “not long.”

But why didn’t CDC officials assure us that the spike protein will “eventually” be eliminated from our bodies? Is that too big a promise?

And, it’s still a good thing that “mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines have been Rigorously Evaluated for Safety” … STILL.

Thank you to Jessica Rose, and others who have pointed out that there is absolutely NOTHING TO SEE HERE.