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Man Claims 2013 mRNA Testing Of 200,000 Made Every Heart Stop – Less Than 5 Alive Today & He’s One Of Them (Video)

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Published on: August 16, 2022

A young man has claimed to have participated in a 2013 trial testing mRNA medications alongside over 200,000 people. He says that 100% of the participants had their hearts stop and that it took two years for all of the symptoms to surface.  The even more sobering claim is that less than five are still alive to this day.  He’s one of them.

Going by the screen name ProfessorRandell on TikTok, the young man has put out several videos recounting what took place and addressing some questions posed to him about where the study could be viewed to verify his claim.

Keep in mind that Pfizer was trying to take 75 years to produce their study, but has had to dump those documents within an eight month period and every document dump is horrid.

I have reached out to this young man in an attempt to bring him on The Sons of Liberty radio and possibly have a family member confirm his story.  If anyone has contact with him, please have him go to and click the contact link and send me an email.

Take a listen.

He also produced this short video showing himself in the hospital from what he claims are the results of the study of which he was a part.

WARNING: Strong language.

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The young man has several videos in which he speaks about what he participated in on his TikTok channel, which you can view here.

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