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Central American Tsunami: 20,000 More Illegal Aliens Crossing Border in October than same Month 2 Years Ago!

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Published on: December 5, 2016

US Border Patrol is dealing with an insurgency of illegal aliens crossing the US/Mexico border, and according to reports, the numbers are up 20,000 more than they were in October two years ago.

NBC News reports:

MCALLEN, Texas — Seconds after the radio crackled and the government SUVs sped into the darkness, Border Patrol agents sprinted through the brush and toward the border in an all-too-familiar pursuit of drug smugglers.

“They dropped their bundles of narcotics and went back into Mexico,” said agent Marlene Castro, sounding disappointed after racing through a pitch-black clearing outside Rio Grande City. Still, on this recent night, agents would recover 66 pounds of marijuana with a street value of roughly $53,000.

But chasing drug smugglers wasn’t the only thing keeping them busy.

During two days that NBC News spent with U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials, it became clear that Castro and her colleagues were dealing with a sudden surge of families from Central America who are running toward those officials — not from them.

Apparently many of the families are so desperate to get to America, they are more than willing to be caught and apply for asylum rather than face the threats of violence at home.

“Some people sell everything they own to make the trip over here,” Castro said. “They run the risk — the women, of getting raped; the men, of being robbed — and they still come over here.”

In October of this year, 46,195 apprehensions were made along the Southwest border. In the same month in 2014, there were 20,000 less.

Understand that I feel a lot of compassion for those who risk all to go in search of freedom and liberty and safety. Yet, there is a process to that, even in seeking asylum or citizenship.

There are two main things that are killing America concerning immigration, and neither of them have to do with a wall on the southern border. After all, all a wall does is force those coming in to go around, over or under it, but it does not stop them. It may slow them down or diminish the spirits of some, but it will not stop illegal immigration.

Two of the biggest things affecting immigration are America’s warfare and America’s welfare.

Because of our involvement in unconstitutional foreign wars, we are now seeing the results not only in our young men and women coming home in coffins, but also in an influx of Muslims into the US to cities across the country, and in most cases, it’s on the American taxpayer’s dime.

That lead to the second problem and that is when you offer to pay someone’s way with someone else’s money (taxes) then you are not only engaging in theft and immoral ethics, but you are also encouraging people to come for the free goodies, whether as refugees or they simply want to leave one country for another.

Immigration used to be quite simple in America. You could come if you paid your way, you had someone else pay your way, or you came and someone took care of you while you learned a trade to support yourself, but welfare for migrants into the US was not the norm at all.

Perhaps if we dealt with those two things, we might see illegal immigration begin to settle. It’s not really been tried in a long time, but it should be.

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