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Charlie Daniels Blows a Gasket Over Obama Ignoring Islamic Connection to Chattanooga Shooting

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Published on: July 22, 2015

God Bless Charlie Daniels for his willingness to speak openly, plainly and honestly against both evil and our government’s unwillingness to fight that evil. Last week, in the wake of the Muslim terrorist attack in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Charlie Daniels spoke out against both Islamic terrorism and against the Obama administration’s seeming unwillingness to call the attacks what they were. To say that the famous country singer and patriot was upset would be minimizing his feelings.


But by the next day everyone knew what really happened that fateful day in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A Muslim man committed an act of terrorism for no reason other than that he was a Muslim and believed it to be his duty. For some reason President Obama decided to pretend it had nothing to do with Islam, and that pissed Charlie right off.

Finally, Charlie let everyone know exactly how he felt about the politically correct double-talk that kept the media and the president from speaking plainly about the attack in Chattanooga.

Then Daniels fired back at the gun grabbing liberals who have stripped our soldiers of their ability to defend themselves with this awesome gun rights tweet.

Charlie went right after the President later in the day…

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