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CHILD PREDATORS: California School District Facilitating Gender Transitions on Children Without Parental Consent

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Published on: January 8, 2023

Perverting children. Makes one physically ill. It’s as if the Democrats are competing with the devil to sink to new lows of depravity.

What’s behind it all, the left’s malevolent goal is the destruction of our most basic and beautiful building block of civilization, the family. There is no woman, there is no man, no family – just the predatory state. We are in the throes of a societal breakdown.

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California school district facilitating gender transitions on children without parental consent

By: Libs of TikTok, January 6, 2023:

Documents obtained through a recent FOIA request reveal that a California school district partnered with a healthcare facility to provide children with gender transition hormones and surgeries without parental consent. The school district, DJUSD and CommuniCare are providing these services under the guise of a “mental health program” for K-12 students. According to CommuniCare’s website, they offer cross-sex hormone medications like testosterone, estradiol, and spironolactone, letters for medical clearance to undergo transition surgeries, and assistance with legal name and gender documents.

Libs of TikTok found through examining several school contracts between DJUSD and CommuniCare, the clinicians must obtain written parental consent for limited primary health care BUT makes an exception for “confidential sexual and reproductive health services” for students. So basically, the school, in conjunction with clinicians, can provide sexual health services to minors without informing parents.

After becoming suspicious of the program, one parent submitted a FOIA request in an effort to get to the bottom of how deeply the school was involved in the gender transitions of students and what this program really entailed.

Sure enough, the FOIA request revealed that DJUSD will allow students as young as 12 years old to be treated by CommuniCare clinicians regarding their gender transition, and parents will not be notified unless the child consents!

“If a student is 12 or older and consents, a parent/guardian will be provided with the name of the clinician seen by the student.”

You might ask, who is funding these services? The K-12 Partnership is funded through the Mental Health Student Services Act (MHSSA) – aka California taxpayer money. CommuniCare is receiving funding from Yolo County Health & Human Services which was awarded the grant and is responsible for distributing funding to promote this program in schools. If you live in California, your tax dollars are funding secret gender transitions of kids in state-run schools.

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Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

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