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Christian Holocaust & Muslim Invasion Being Ignored by the West

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Published on: September 22, 2015

No one wants to talk about it. No one wants to recognize it. No one wants to do anything about it. At least, it appears that way from the US government standpoint. The world shook in horror when it became aware of the massacre of millions of Jews by the hands of Nazi Germany. Pictures and videos taken by allied servicemen, many American, confirmed the rumors that permeated out of the nation of Germany, Poland and elsewhere. “Crimes against Humanity” they called it as nothing so atrocious had ever been witnessed in the 20th century. It is known as the Holocaust, a great pock mark on the annals of world history that no nation or leader has taken to lesson.

Today, the world is witness to “crimes against humanity” taking place in the Middle East. Muslims are systematically exterminating millions of Christians while “modern” Western nations, touting their “civilized” nature, provide refuge to invading Muslims — the very group who exterminates Christians. Bleeding hearts of depraved Western nations cry for the people of war-torn Middle East countries; yet, they want to welcome the very savages that have perpetrated unrest, massacred Christians and seek to instill despotism, tyranny, and wretchedness throughout the world. These same bleeding hearts in these “civilized” Western nations decry against Christianity as though Christians are the savage, despotic murderers of entire sects.

According to Breitbart, stories of ISIS desecrating churches and using these same churches as torture chambers against Christians started appearing at the end of 2014. Where was the world then? Now, Christian Freedom International reports these incidences are more brutal, widespread and heinous than previously thought. In some instances, entire Christian communities have been wiped out, exterminated, murdered, across the entire Islamic State war zone. Where is the world now? The world is playing host to these murderers.

As the Islamic State spreads its evil caliphate across the Middle East, ancient Christian sites and ancient historical sites, such as Nineveh, are being destroyed by ISIS in the name of Mohammed, may pig feces be flung upon him and forced down his throat. Christians are being kidnapped for ransom, as in the case of a Christian priest whose family raised the $120,000 demanded by ISIS. ISIS, in return, killed the priest, chopped him up and sent him home to his family. Where is the world outrage? Where is the Pope?

Some reports estimate that 40% of the Christian population of Syria is dead or has been driven out by ISIS. There are no Christians left in Mosul. Where is the world?

Obama supports ISIS with taxpayer money, military equipment and offering “free rides” into the US for Muslim “refugees.” Climate change/global warming, sodomite “marriage” and a three-ring circus Congress, presidential candidates and media focus on comments made by Dr. Ben Carson and the latest Trump statement. The Pope is out to lunch, fueled by his “secular” agenda in deviance of God to promote anything anti-Christian. European leaders act incompetent and inept in dealing with the invasion of their nations as the EU banking controlled bureaucrats lead the entire continent into ruin. The UN clamors for nations to “accept Syrian refugees” from the war zone of the Middle East; but, it is not Christians who are seen fleeing or who can flee — it is Muslim invaders intent on bringing chaos, unrest, and war to supposedly “civilized” nations. Russia and China watch with intent as Western nations hasten their own demise. More than likely, those two nations are getting a good laugh at the stupidity of the West as they wait to make their move.

Europe is overrun with Muslim invaders trashing their nations, desecrating graves, attacking their citizens and “demanding” everything whiles their counterparts in the Middle East murder Christians as a sport. Between all the nations of Europe, none could muster a fighting force to repel this take over disguised as an invasion. Instead, they restrict their own citizens in an attempt to quell the ravage savages invading their sovereign borders.

Leaders of the Western world run scared in the face of Muslim aggression. These “leaders” are intimidated by cries of “racism,” accusations of discrimination and Islamophobia, and cow to the demands of an organization of nations that possesses zero ability to do anything except make a request. Despite all their “cowing,” the aggression continues. How many times does the same thing have to happen before it is recognized as insanity?

Europe learned nothing from Nazi Germany aggression in the late 1930s and the events leading to World War II. It seems Germany learned little from its own heinous history. Worse still, the nation known as a bastion of freedom and liberty has a government that supports everything but freedom and liberty. In truth, our nation’s government is leading the world to Muslim domination.

The extermination of Christians taking place in the Middle East will spread with the influx of Muslim invaders disguised and misnamed as refugees. The aggression is visible for the entire world to see; yet, it is not acknowledged or it is given a “pass.” It is the citizens of these nations being invaded who will surrender their liberty and freedom to “appease” the savage, which is the plan. It’s already happening.

Where is the outcry? Where is the outrage? Muslim “refugees” are not fleeing to Muslim nations. It matters not whether the nations that are Muslim will accept these “refugees” or not; the Muslims do not want to go there. The answer to why is simple but no one wants to face it.

Christians are desperate to leave the ISIS Middle East; but, their cries fall on deaf ears. To be found a Christian in the midst of the ISIS caliphate is certain death. Rejected by the West in favor of their oppressors and murderers, they have little hope for survival. But, the West can “feel good” in their support of “multiculturalism” as each nation heralds its own demise.

As the West rejects granting asylum to Christians in the Muslim Middle East in favor of Muslim terrorists, it should signal to every Christian residing in Western nations where you stand in regards to the governments in these nations. In truth, it isn’t just Christians. It is anyone who is not Muslim. Islam is Islam and tolerates only Islam. Western governments are indicating their support for Islam and Muslims against everyone else.

The people of the world are paying a price for their slumber, their ignorance and their ideologies while sounding great, in practice, are unfeasible. Harsh reality is waking many, but not enough.

Blame can be placed in plenty of places for this atrocity. But, at this point it time, raging against the perpetrators is futile. The time has passed to change the events. It is the product of those events that need correcting.

The world is witness to a second Holocaust — this time Christians. The world is witness to a second invasion — not by Nazi Germans, but Islamic terrorists welcomed by our own governments. Funny, it doesn’t seem to make a bump in the road this go around. Since the Kardashians are up in their ratings, the Jenner transgender “it” received a courage award, and open sodomites are hailed by the Obama administration, that’s all that really matters.

How far the world has fallen since the era of World War II.

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