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The Deep State – Biblically Revealed

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Published on: September 6, 2018

One of my greatest joys in life is to teach the Bible. Any day and time is always a good time to open up the Bible and hear what God wants to say to us today. That is because Scripture is relevant for every day and age.

Lately, I have had an increasing opportunity to discuss events we are witnessing in America and around the world with many people. I see this as a great blessing from God and also as a responsibility that I do not take lightly.

Most Americans are troubled and frustrated by the violence of the Progressive Marxist Leftists and their allies. The demonic insanity of the Maxine Waters wing of the Left is alarming. Equally troubling is the rise of Islamic politicians who unashamedly advocate for Sharia Law in America. It seems that what Louis Farrakhan and Linda Sarsour dream of is gaining momentum across this nation.

Some people are shocked at what they perceive to be the sudden shift in American values. However, the illustration of the frog in the kettle is an apt representation of the last fifty plus years. While Americans slept the enemy infiltrated our communities, our schools, and our governments at every level. The Church didn’t see it happening and those appointed to be Watchmen did not warn of the enemy’s advancement. The kettle is now boiling and the frogs are the main course. In case there is any doubt as to who the frogs are friends, they are you and I who hold a viewpoint that America will never be great again unless we return to our Christian heritage and to the rule of Constitutional Law under which our republic can thrive once again.

The Bible serves as a remarkable reminder that there is nothing new under the sun. One of the most often asked questions is “What is wrong with America and the world today?” This type of question is almost always followed by “What can we do to change things?”

Friends, what is wrong with America and indeed the world, is that certain men have crept in with a lust for power and control. The power these people wield is of demonic origin. These people are known collectively by various names but the current name of choice is the Deep State, and it is clearly revealed in the Bible. We see it in Psalm 2. In 12 short verses, the psalmist succinctly describes a timeless truth. That truth is this: when people abandon God terrible things happen. When standards of right and wrong are constructed and enforced by those with a lust for power and control people will suffer on a global scale.

Please understand this: the machinations of the anti-American God-haters in our midst are in-tune with and directed by the globalists who desire to bring America under their control. Some would argue that America is already controlled by an unelected, unseen cabal. I would not argue against that perspective. However, they do not have complete control yet.

Let’s examine the remedy for turning back the Deep State. Note Psalm 2:1 which reads in the New American Standard translation: “Why are the nations in an uproar and the people devising a vain thing?” The King James Version says: “Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing?”

The root word for uproar and rage comes from a word that describes the snorting of a war horse who knows a battle is looming and is working itself into a froth. So the nations are roaring or in an uproar at a frenzied pitch. They are snorting and stomping their feet and making quite a demonstration. This sounds like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, La Raza, Nation of Islam, Council for American – Islamic Relations, and every other anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-liberty, anti-God organization that the propaganda arm of the globalists – the American mainstream media – admires, promotes, and covers up their atrocities. Clearly, something has agitated these foot soldiers of Hell.

In Psalm 2:2, we read that the leaders of the nations that are in an uproar, the kings and rulers, have taken counsel together. That means that the leaders of the nations have strategized and coordinated a plan of attack against the source of their frustration and agitation. We don’t have to guess who or what the source is because in verse 2 we read that it is the LORD and His Anointed. LORD is Yahweh – The Father – and His Anointed is Jesus Christ.

Notice in verse 3 the reason for this rebellion against God the Father and Jesus the Son: the refusal of the nations to submit to the rule of God. “Let us tear their fetters apart and cast away their cords from us.”

Friends what we are seeing here is the rebel heart that refuses to bow the knee and submit to God’s loving rule. This is the result of sin. Human nature is predisposed against God. That is the doctrine of original sin. The nature of sin is deception and delusion. Sin creates in the heart of every rebel an arrogance that makes them believe they can reject God without consequence.

Note back in verse 1 the psalmist asks why the people are devising a vain thing. That vain thing is imagining that they can throw off God’s moral law, His righteous rule, and be better off for it.

The world as a whole has embraced this idea that each individual and groups of individuals that together form communities and nations can be moral “Sampsons.” People have imagined the arrogant and vain thing that they have the power and ability to throw off the moral fetters of God’s wisdom and love, that they have the power to resist God and create for themselves a utopian paradise where God is not necessary, and that they can do this without any consequences. Doesn’t that describe America and the world today? It certainly describes every attempt at a communist/socialist utopia that has without exception turned into a nightmare for the people of every nation that has tried it.

Part 2 will continue this examination of the world in which we live and how Psalm 2 specifically addresses and explains what we see happening and what the outcome of this trajectory will be.

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