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City of Charlotte Discusses LGBT Language Requirement for All Public Restrooms – Indicates Weakness of The Church

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Published on: February 13, 2015

It is ridiculous to think that equal rights for all ethnic groups could place children in danger. If someone opposed to sitting in a restaurant with a black man in the sixties would have challenged that right by saying, “I fear for my son and daughter’s safety,” he would have been dismissed as ignorant. But when we then say that we should allow men who identify as women to use the woman facilities, are we being ignorant?

This has become an issue in Charlotte NC recently. reports:

Officials in Charlotte, North Carolina are considering additional wording for its existing non-discrimination ordinance that would allow men who identify as women and vice versa to have “restroom choice” in public.

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“Restroom choice” means that if a man wants to go into the woman’s restroom, it would be against the law for the owner of the business to object. Who cannot see the danger in this?

They further report:

Council Member Kenny Smith said that he does not feel it is appropriate for people who are biologically of the opposite sex to share such a private and personal space as a restroom.

“I am not comfortable taking my six-year-old daughter into the men’s room, nor is it acceptable for me to go into the women’s room,” he stated. “And I think I should have full faith and confidence as I send my daughter into the restroom, who’s in that restroom.”

The sodomites continue to push us further and further down this road. We have seen that this will continue to lead us to more and more acceptance of sin. Now, they would endanger our children. Even if we excuse, as the liberal does, the fact that most sodomites are also pedophiles, why would you think a pedophile will not use this law to have ready access to new victims? We are at a point of no return. After our sons and daughters are raped, we cannot undo this wrong.

Christiannews also reports:

“If I send one of my daughters into a public bathroom, and I see [a man] going into that bathroom, I am going to have some concern,” Council Member Michael Barnes agreed.


But Council Member Al Austin, a homosexual, disagreed with those who expressed hesitation and stated that those council members were lagging behind on the Civil Rights Movement.

If sexual deviance and sin is afforded civil rights status, then all sin will be provided the same. “It is the way I was born” and “I can’t help myself,” will make everything allowable. What I do not understand is how they do not see that this is the same thing that can be said of pedophiles and serial killers. We cannot allow them to fulfill their desires at will.

Unfortunately, these kinds of things point to the Church’s weakness. Christiannews quotes Mike Fox, pastor of The Trek in Smyrna, “If you’re a Christian business owner, it automatically immediately directly affects you. The biggest grieving of my heart is that churches have been apathetic. Christians have been apathetic thinking that it’s really not going to affect them in the churches, and that’s the farthest from the truth.”

We must wake up as a Christian nation and oppose such foolish legislation, or we will be trampled underfoot just as Jesus said in Matthew 5:13.

“You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how [a]can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.”


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