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Classy Georgia Cop Tells Couple Trying to Get their Child Back—to “Suck My ****!”

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Published on: November 1, 2018

Griffin, GA — A rather compelling reason for a requirement of police police officers to wear body cameras was released last week—from a body camera—of a Georgia officer telling a couple to “suck my d***.”

The video was not originally released because the department attempted to keep it secret when 11Alive News requested “any and all” video pertaining to the incident. Instead of giving the news company the video which clearly showed the officer degrading the citizens, they were given video of a body camera pointing toward the ceiling.t

As 11Alive reports:

A second police body camera video — showing the entire exchange — was released to the 11Alive Investigators only after we found evidence of its existence in an internal police department email.

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Officer Travis Wick resigned from the Griffin Police Department after begging Police Chief Mike Yates not to fire him.

Officer Wick was one of two officers responding to a call for help from Andrew Orahoske, who is locked in a custody fight for his daughter. The Griffin officers told Orahoske that they could not take the girl from her mother without a signed order by a judge.

According to the report, officers were attempting to find out who Orahoske was and he refused to give his name.

“I’m not gonna give you none of my information now, because I don’t want to get in trouble tonight,” he said.

When the man refused to give his name—which was entirely legal—that’s when the officer demanded oral sex.

“Well, you can suck my d***!” said officer Wick.

After the officer made the comment, the situation escalated.

“We asked you for help with getting our child back and you asked us to suck your d***,” the woman said.

“No I didn’t,” replied officer Wick.

“Yes you did,” replied the woman.

“No, I didn’t ask you. I asked him to (perform oral sex),” the officer replied.

As the video shows, Wick then called his supervisor on his cell phone and said, “and he’s like, ‘well just never mind, I’m not going to give you my information.’ And I told him, ‘well you can suck my d***!’ And they flipped out.”

“I f***ed up,” the officer told his lieutenant.

Wick then lit up a cigarette in his patrol car and drove off.

In the report, the officer made no mention of the comment and instead blamed the couple for being irate.

The citizens “seemed to become irritated that the police couldn’t help them, and became uncooperative at which point they requested a supervisor to the scene,” according to the police report.

The transcript of Wick’s disciplinary process was obtained by 11Alive.

“You made a pretty darn stupid remark,” Chief Yates told Officer Wick during an August 29 disciplinary meeting. Officer Wick replied, “I just said it. I don’t know why. I don’t. I mean that’s it, chief. It was f****** stupid, man.”

The police chief agreed, but worried how this incident would look to outsiders, according to 11Alive. Chief Yates asked Officer Wick, “if you got involved in a…use of deadly force, and then somebody got that video and played it, how do you think that would play out? If were sitting in federal court or before some grand jury or something like that?”

Wick then begged the chief not to fire him but the chief then brought up the fact that Wick had just been fired from his previous job as a cop at the Locust Grove Police Department.

“If that was just a one-time thing,” the chief said, “and it just popped out of nowhere because you were having a bad day and your dog just died, that would be one thing. But on the tail end of you being hired after you got fired from Locust Grove…”

According to department records, Wick was fired because he called in sick and then showed up to court with a .036 blood alcohol content, just before he was scheduled to testify. He was testifying that a fellow officer offered to buy him a steak dinner in exchange for dropping DUI charges. Seriously.

Luckily, this officer was fired for his conduct. However, that does not prevent him from continuing to be a gypsy cop and moving to the next department down the road.

Article posted with permission from The Free Thought Project

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