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Black Lives Matter Rioters Deface Statue Of Famous Abolitionist Showing Their Ignorance: ‘He Was BLM Before There Was a Slogan’

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Published on: June 15, 2020

People are saying that this shows the ignorance of the rioters, and it certainly does. But even if these Black Lives Matter rioters had known who Matthias Baldwin was, they’re unlikely to have cared. They want to rewrite American history as an unbroken record of racism and hatred and oppression. Someone like Matthias Baldwin, who fought against racism, hatred and oppression, has no place in their new, woke, totalitarian America.

“BLM Protesters Deface Statue Of Famous Abolitionist, ‘He was BLM [Black Lives Matter] before there was a slogan,’” by Damjan Tutarkov, LaCorte News, June 13, 2020:

Black Lives Matter demonstrators in Philadelphia have vandalized and defaced a monument of Matthias Baldwin, an American inventor and a strong supporter for the abolition of slavery in the United States.

Photos of the defaced statue with the words “colonizer” and “murderer” written on it quickly went viral online, prompting a flood of critical comments.

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The exact date on which the vandalism occurred is unknown and the statue has since been cleaned.

“We can confirm that the statue of Matthias Baldwin, along with other statues in the area of Philadelphia’s City Hall, was tagged with paint and graffiti at some point during the first days of protests that took place in Philadelphia,” said a spokesperson for Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s office. “There has been no subsequent vandalism of the Baldwin statue in recent days. So, while the Baldwin statue was in fact defaced, it did not take place yesterday as the tweet and accompanying image claim.”

Baldwin was the founder of Baldwin Locomotive Works, which was for decades the world’s largest manufacturer of steam locomotives, and also the founder of the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

During the 1837 Constitutional Convention, he openly supported the rights for African Americans to vote and helped found a school for African American children where for years he paid teachers’ salaries out of his own pocket.

“He hired blacks in his shops when that was not the norm,” Joe Walsh, a member of the Friends of Matthias Baldwin Park, told National Review. “He was BLM [Black Lives Matter] before there was a slogan.”

Jim Fennell, the president of the group, said he was saddened to see Baldwin’s statue desecrated in such a way.

“He was not the man to whip, because he was ahead of his time,” Fennell said. “It seems like people are suddenly looking at him and finding out he was an abolitionist and did all sorts of things to support African Americans, including integrating his work force.”

Demonstrators also vandalized Philadelphia’s Civil War Soldiers and Sailors monument with graffiti reading “BLM.”…

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

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