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Clinton Email Scandal Bombshell: 7,000 Documents From Weiner Laptop Turned Over By FBI

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Published on: July 21, 2017

The FBI has just turned over 7,000 documents obtained from disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner‘s laptop that are related to the ongoing Hillary Clinton email scandal, according to Judicial Watch, the government watchdog group that has been seeking to get their hands on the documents for quite a while.

Following Judicial Watch and State Department representatives appearing in federal court on Thursday over Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to obtain Hillary Clinton’s emails from her time at the State Department, it came to light that the 7,000 documents had been turned over by the FBI and contained emails that were sent by Clinton deputy assistant, and Weiner’s estranged wife Huma Abedin.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton spoke to Fox News about the revelation and the fact that his organization may not get their hands on the documents for another three months.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton told Fox News after the hearing that they expect to begin receiving those documents in three months, once the State Department determines whether the Weiner documents are government or personal records.

The State Department was ordered in November to turn over 500 pages of Clinton-related documents a month to Judicial Watch.

But Fitton is not satisfied with the speed of the process, especially now that another 7,000 documents are being added to the pile.

“This pushes this out until 2020 and beyond,” Fitton told Fox News after the hearing Thursday. “Production is slow because the legal counsel is a holdover from the Obama administration—the folks that are responsible for slow-rolling this are still here.”

State Department attorneys claim the slow response to the order is due to Trump’s federal hiring freeze, and alleged “diminished public interest” in the Clinton email scandal.

However, this is an issue of justice, not “public interest,” which frankly, turns to a new “shiny thing” every day due to short attention spans and political junkyism.

“I can’t imagine the Trump White House is not interested in Clinton emails,” Fitton said. “Six months into the Trump administration and their lawyers are defending Hillary Clinton and the misconduct of the Obama administration.”

Fitton shouldn’t be surprised.  We still have not seen a special investigator appointed to look into the crimes of Hillary Clinton as we were promised before the election.

According to Fitton, based on the 500 pages per month that are to be turned over, he doesn’t expect to get all the documents that have been turned over for well over a year at best.

Consider that 500 pages is nothing.  It’s a ream of paper.   How difficult is it to file the documents, then hit print and let the printer do the work, toss it in a package and mail it?  This is not difficult work.  I’m guessing that most of the documents, if not all of them have already been combed through and determined to be either personal or government.

The email scandal came back to life after Weiner’s computer was seized in a sexting scandal and the emails discovered there.  These were to have been turned over during a previous FBI investigation into the matter, in which then Director James Comey admitted Clinton had broken federal law, but would not request the Justice Department to seek prosecution.

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