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First Half of 2017: Second Largest Number of Background Checks Ever for Guns

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Published on: July 21, 2017

A report from the FBI states that first half of 2017 saw the second largest number of background checks for firearms ever.

According to the FBI report, 12,601,102 background checks took place through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) in the first six months of 2017.

January saw 2,043, 184 background checks which climbed to 2,234,817 in February and 2,433,092 in March before declining to 2,045,564 in April, 1,942,677 in May and 1,901,768 in June.

Awr Hawkins points out, “Breitbart News reported that background checks ran at a record pace from May 2015 through November 2016, then dipped below record levels in December 2016. However, even with the dip, December 2016 had the third-highest number of background checks for any December ever. Moreover, by May 2017 background checks were shattering records again. There were more background checks in May 2017 than in any previous May on record.”

While this is not necessarily a precise indicator of total gun sales for each month, it is a good gauge of how many times attempts were made to purchase guns.  However, keep in mind that only one background check would be performed per customer no matter how many guns they purchased at the time the check was made.

Those who are in states like South Carolina, who have concealed weapons permits have already had background checks that are good for the term of their permit.  So, any purchases by those citizens do not require additional background checks.

While I’m happy to see the indicators of fellow citizens arming themselves, the issue of background checks and permits for cash to do what our forefathers acknowledged as a God-given right continue to disturb me and I don’t understand why we put up with our representatives trying to control the keeping and bearing of those they serve, unless it is simply to control us, which I think that’s exactly what they are doing.  However, they are doing it against the law, which makes those who support such measures criminal.

If you want to really stop violent crime, start punishing it, not caging the men like animals.  Follow the biblical mandate and impose the death penalty on murderers, kidnappers, rapists and others. That will not only bring justice upon the guilty, but ensure that the rights of the innocent are not infringed.

I am strictly opposed to background checks for a very simple reason and that is that they are simply ineffective and often unjust, presuming a person guilty until they pass the government smell test, which is a violation of the Second Amendment.  Furthermore, if we actually brought justice on violent criminals, there would be no need for background checks because the vast majority of those criminals would be put to death.

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