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Cliven Bundy Case Results in Racist Campaign Propaganda from Senator and Prison Employee

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Published on: November 9, 2016

At the end of October, I reported on how the Nevada Democrat Party mailed out over 700,000 mailers fraudulently tying Cliven Bundy to the Las Vegas shooters and contaminating the jury pool in the state of Nevada against Mr. Bundy and several others who are being held in jail under numerous trumped up charges by the central government. Last week, disciplinary action was taken against an employee at the Southern Nevada Detention Center for what defendants referred to as a hostile reaction to ads being run on Nevada television which insinuated that Cliven Bundy is a racist.

Guerilla Media Network reports:

Ms. Taylor, an African American woman, who refused to give GMN her first name when we reached out to her by phone earlier today, is in charge of the facilities Law Library, where Bundy and Co-defendants work on their cases to prepare for trial. Part of her duties include managing computer disks that contain discovery from the prosecutor’s office; defendants need regular access to those disk and the library to build their case.

The Defendants in the case agree, she was kind and helpful until about two weeks ago when they noticed a big change in her attitude toward them.  It was then she began refusing to give them access to the discovery, slammed doors and screamed at them for asking simple questions, and repeatedly became confrontational when asked to accommodate them in securing a seat at computers in the library.

The confrontations became so regular and vicious that one defendant, after seeking advice of on duty guards, finally filed a complaint.  The complaint noted that one of the statements made by Ms Taylor during a confrontation was, “Well, maybe I was better off when I was picking cotton,” a remark taken out of context that was widely distributed by media news outlets, and now being used by Senator Kihuen in his race for Congress.

Facility authorities admit Mr. Bundy nor any of the other inmates, have displayed any behavior that would lead to the impression they are racist.

Taylor admitted to making the remark and said her drastic change in attitude was because of a commercial she had seen on television by Senator Ruben Kihuen to Chief Brandon DeLaney.

So, has Ms. Taylor lost her job over this? Nope.

However, attorneys for the Bundys in the case continue to echo the claims that they made with the fraudulent and slanderous mailers went out to the resident of Nevada. They claim that this Taylor should be dealt with if she cannot control herself.

Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore agrees with them and told GMN, “If this woman cannot keep her personal feelings in check, and is that easily swayed by a political propaganda ad concerning Mr. Bundy, then maybe the SNDC should seriously consider replacing her with someone who is a little more professional.”

DeLaney told GMN that the defendants in his facility are known for their well-mannered behavior and respect for those in charge of it.

Now, the question continues to remain, will the defendants in this case get a fair trial, or will the judge in the case continue to push forward the agenda of the central government, which is to prosecute them under trumped up charges for standing for constitutional principles while allowing the thugs in the FBI, the Bureau of Land Management and other federal agencies to run roughshod over the Constitution?

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