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Colorado Votes to Legalize Doctor Assisted Suicide

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Published on: November 11, 2016

In a largely underreported story during the elections, Colorado voters cast their vote to legalize doctor assisted suicide of terminally ill adults.

Proposition 106 by two-thirds of the vote! If you think the idea of the murder of the unborn has not had an impact in a state where they can’t even determine whether or not it’s murder when a woman stabbed a mother and literally cut a baby out of her womb and the baby dies as a result, then you are not thinking clearly.

Catholic News Agency reported:

Foes of the ballot measure warned that it will have grave consequences for the vulnerable.

“The mission we have as citizens of Colorado should be to help people live with dignity – not to offer them more options to kill themselves,” the Colorado Catholic Conference said Nov. 9.

Colorado voters approved assisted suicide by a vote of 65 percent to 35 percent.

The conference said the passage of the assisted suicide measure was “a great travesty of compassion and choice for the sick, the poor, the elderly and our most vulnerable residents.”

Oregon has had a similar “law” in place for 22 years called the Colorado End-of-Life Options Act.

According to Christianity Today, the law will, “allow an adult with a terminal illness to request a lethal prescription from their doctor. The individual must be deemed mentally competent and two doctors must diagnosis the person as having six months or fewer to live. The measure requires self-administration of the drug, called secobarbital, which is also used for lethal injections in some states.”

At least one hospice and palliative health care provider, Divine Mercy Supportive Care, has said that it will be a “no-kill provider” following the vote. Still, other hospice agencies in Colorado said they will aid in the self-murder of those who are deemed to be terminally ill.

This is just another step in a downward spiral in a culture of death. God was clear when He commanded:

You shall not murder.

Simply because a man jumps from a building and is going to die, but you pull out your gun and kill him on the way down does not absolve you of his murder. You are still responsible. Such is the same for these who assist others in taking their own lives. It’s not mercy. It’s murder. It may be legalized, but remains unlawful.

In fact, no one is actually sure when a person will die when they are considered to be terminally ill. Those who would assist the terminally ill in killing themselves are just as guilty of murder as the person committing to taking their own lives. In fact, in past times, we would have considered such people mentally ill because we believed there was hope for them. Now, we don’t care for them enough to help them. Instead, we don’t want to be burdened with loving them and caring for them and helping them through a very difficult time.

This is not only a violation of biblical law, but it’s a clear violation of both the ancient and modern versions of the hyppocratic oath.

This is a really bad move on the part of the voters in the state, but such is the judgment of God when he lets a people go in their sin (Romans 1:18ff).

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