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Confirmed: United Nations Has Landed In Canada (Video)

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Published on: February 20, 2022

So, if you had the suspicion that United Nations troops may be on the ground in Canada, you might not be a conspiracy theorist, but a realistic person who sees a conspiracy.  Recent video confirms that United Nations planes have landed in North Bay in Canada.

According to a post in Sons of Liberty’s Telegram group:

It appears that the rumors are TRUE…🚨🚨🚨😳😳😳

The UN Forces have officially landed, and INVADED Canadian soil with permission from their communist dictator Trudeau.

They are apparently disguising as police in Ottawa, according to reports.

Please PRAY for the people of Canada as they continue to fight for their FREEDOM!

We stand behind ALL of you!!!

The man commenting in the video says the footage was obtained in North Bay.

Take a look.

Perhaps this is the reason that the goons in Ottawa on Saturday had no badges or names on their uniforms and were demonstrating their cruelties to peaceful protesters.

It may also be why Nazi traitors in the RCMP are encouraged in their own tyrannies against their own people, as reported on Saturday when members of the RCMP applauded the trampling of an older woman and others with horses ridden by RCMP thugs.

RCMP Nazis Show True Colors In Texts On Video Of Mounted Cops Trampling Protesters With Horses: “That’s Awesome!” (Video)

It could also explain why Rebel News reporter Alexa Lavoie was attacked and then shot point blank while covering the tyrannies taking place in her beloved Canada.

Breaking: Rebel News Reporter Attacked & Shot By Ottawa Nazi Police (Video)

Be aware, these devils may be showing up not with the traditional blue helmets but impersonating a city’s own police force. It’s criminal and it’s treasonous.

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