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Confused Elderly Dictator Delivers Rambling Speech Demanding Money

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Published on: April 29, 2021

Biden finally got around to delivering his State of the Union address and is was almost as worth the wait as the Oscars.

Sometimes the pills work and sometimes they don’t.

They really didn’t work this time around. The same identity politics theatrics were there as at the Oscars. And just as at the Oscars, the man of the hour turned out to be an elderly man who wasn’t there. Except Anthony Hopkins wasn’t there physically. Joe Biden wasn’t there mentally.

Instead, Americans got something closer to Biden unfiltered, squinting in bafflement, turning his head from side to side like a wind-up doll, and delivering a long tedious series of demands for money, empty promises, and even more hollow talking points.

The set was empty. And so many empty seats only highlighted the utter emptiness of this administration.

The demands for money have gone from the billions to the trillions. The promises are even more ridiculous and astronomical. But the figure at the center of it could barely sell ice on a hot summer day to a man dying of thirst.

Even in his basement, Biden performed better than this. Maybe it was the big stage. Maybe it was the people. Or maybe he didn’t nap hard enough.

Or maybe it’s hard to sell nothing. And nothing is all that Biden has.

The State of the Union is supposed to be more than a confused elderly dictator demanding more money and power. Past presidents laid out accomplishments, but Biden has to keep claiming credit for the vaccine he had nothing to do with. And there it ends.

The speech, as it was written, wasn’t necessarily horrible. Just mediocre. The laborious History Channel metaphors. America’s back. Is it really? But Biden’s delivery was out of phase with the speech. He appeared tired, incapable of mustering the energy to even deliver his overly scripted lines, looking from side to side as if chasing camera one and camera two, squinting to show sincerity while conveying only cluelessness.

If this was the big effort to make Biden appear functional. It failed. Kamala would have been better off keeping him in the basement.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

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