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Why I Took My Healthcare Into My Own Hands

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Published on: April 29, 2021

The things I have seen happening in the last year have been unlike anything I have ever seen in my life. I even think nothing like this has ever happened in the life of our country. What has surprised me about COVID is not that a virus can cause problems, but the reaction to COVID. All the force and all the censoring have not convinced me that the people using the force are right.  It has convinced me the use of force is wrong.

Be serious, if someone comes up to you and says they are right, and then punches you in the face until you agree to not say they are wrong, their violence proves they are wrong. No one disagrees that a lot of force has been used in the name of COVID in the last year. The only disagreement is if the force was a good thing.

My belief is the COVID fear pushers would not need to hide any disagreeing opinion if they truly had science on their side. Also, the entire vaccine situation is completely missing of honest dialog. If any of you disagree with me, answer this question: Tony Fauci owns over 1,000 patents, how does that make the system he is part of honest? Tony Fauci owns patents used in the Moderna vaccine, which Tony Fauci approved the government funding to produce. So, the government pays to make it, and Fauci gets rich from it being made. Do not forget, vaccine makers are immune from liability from anything that goes wrong, even if they are shown to be negligent.

Look at paragraph 1 and paragraph 13 in the Mercola article titled “Why I Won’t Be Getting the Vaccine” and you will see what I am talking about. Christian Elliot does an excellent job of listing all the reasons I do not trust the vaccine, or Healthcare. Christian Elliot cites 80 sources that were researched for the article. I can see why Fauci and his crowd can only use mob like tactics against any opposition.  Fauci cannot defend against the facts.  Fauci can only attack the people who have the facts.

I suggest you read Christian Elliot’s article and print it and save it. You need to print it before it is censored and do your own research. The days of trusting your doctor and the media are over. My opinion is that if you believe your doctor or the media, you are asking for trouble. If they are not being attacked, they are only saying the government allowed point of view, not a complete point of view. Given this situation, I am going to fend for myself. Who will care more about me than me? You can think your doctor cares about you, but they will not risk their medical license just to save your hide. The people on the attack would not attack if truth was on their side.

What I find so amazing about the vaccine companies and the doctors involved with them is their lack of respect for people. Do they act like caring people who respect their patient’s opinions, or do they act like Nazis who demand you obey them? The war crimes tribunal at Nuremberg laid down 10 standards to which physicians must conform when carrying out experiments on human subjects. This is known as the Nuremberg Code. In paragraph 1 it states: “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.”  Given all the discussion of using force for vaccines, it is obvious that they have no concern for their patients. There is also no legitimate consent, as all these doctors are repeating the taking points, so people assume the vaccine is safe. This is not informed consent. The things in the article I mentioned give balance to what the media has made one sided.

This is why I am going to do some writing on “Why I Took My Healthcare Into My Own Hands.” This will end up taking more than one article. I think we need to start talking amongst ourselves. It has bothered me for many years how a visit to my doctor seemed more like a visit to a timeshare salesman. They did not seem to care about me, but seemed that they only wanted to sell me something. Even doctors I liked very much have changed over the years. They do not seem to realize what they have become. So, we need to look to each other. All I want is good health and a better world; a good future for our children and a future for our grandchildren.  Lately, money has only been a necessary evil to me. Obviously, we need some money. However, this money, no matter what culture, is destroying the world, and it will eventually destroy us. If you do not become part of the solution, you will be destroyed by the problem.

I have written many articles where I have mentioned my past health problems, but so you can understand why good health is so important to me, you need to know that I have also had bad health. When I came home from the first Gulf War, I started having a lot of health problems. I had joint problems so bad that I could hardly hold a hammer sometimes. I went to a lot of doctors that gave me a lot of drugs. When I was treated by the last rheumatologist, I was being given 13 different drugs. Three of the drugs were for my joint problems and ten drugs from the problems the first three drugs were causing. The last rheumatologist took me off of everything, and that helped me the most.

About 20 years ago I had the biggest bottle of Rolaids and Tylenol in every truck I owned, as well as every dump truck and pickup the company had. That is when I met my friend Doug, and started learning about healthy eating, and that doctors can hurt you as well as help you. Along the way to good health, I started reading things from Dr. Mercola and numerous other doctors. When I was in college, I used to read a lot of medical journals for my Psychology Minor, so I am used to reading medical information, but do not let that stop you. You need to teach yourself to discover whether or not someone’s advice may hurt you bad. Anything I tell you, research it for yourself. Healthcare has become a buyer beware industry. The vaccine companies did not get immunity from liability because they expect that nothing will go wrong.

When I wanted good health, I realized I needed to eat well. The less processed my food is, the better. We actually raise a lot of what we eat. Last year we raised 100 chickens for meat. We ended up butchering 92 chickens, as from start to finish not all chicks make it. We also have 6 raised beds. They are 20 feet long by 4 feet wide. There are a lot of benefits to raised beds and maybe I will write an article about them. It always surprised me that doctors knew so little about nutrition. Back when I was learning computer programming, we used to say garbage in garbage out, and yet, doctors only get a few hours on nutrition in medical school. Obviously, what they do not study, they do not know. Living wrong and then taking pills to fix that wrong were not a solution to me.

I will start with broadly explaining the most recent thing I am doing for my health, and then explain it in more detail in the next article. I read a book by David Brownstein, M.D. titled “Iodine : Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It.”  This is a fascinating book that you would be wise to read.

After reading this book, I purchased my own test from Hakala Research Laboratory. This test checked the Iodine level in my body. I also tested the Bromine/Bromide, Fluorine/Fluoride, and Chloride levels in my body. These are toxic carcinogens and it is good to know how much is in a person’s body. If these levels are too high it will prevent the body from getting the proper iodine levels. The iodine will actually work to detoxify the toxic carcinogens, and then replace them so the immune system can function properly.

I will cover these things in more detail in part 2 of “Why I Took My Healthcare Into My Own Hands.” Obviously, these are things the average doctor has no interest in. That is why I researched them for myself. I want to be healthy. Modern medicine’s attitude that it does not matter what toxic things are in the body or people’s nutrition levels is just silly. Unfortunately, people have given doctors a level of trust that the doctors have abused and no longer deserve. We need to get back to thinking for ourselves. We are living in a media world where most people want to manipulate you for an agenda. All I want is good health. If modern medicine and Big Pharma could give me that, I would be getting it for free from the VA Health Care. The worst health I ever had was when they were just pumping me full of drugs. Stay tuned for part two.

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