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Congress Advocates Socialism In COVID Bill – Trump Ups Them With More Money

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Published on: December 24, 2020

Yes, the Congress has put a ton of unconstitutional things in the COVID stimulus package. Yes, they are advancing a Marxist agenda in doing so, but the reasons President Trump kicking back the bill by comparing it to what the American people would unlawfully receive just demonstrates that he is for more socialism just as much as the socialists are. We’ll take a look at that in this episode.

Articles and videos mentioned in this episode.

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Enumerated Powers of Congress

Trump’s vetoes

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More Socialism: Congress Set To Unlawfully Steal & Devalue Your Money, Redistribute It, & Fund All Sorts Of Unconstitutional Items Just In Time To Save Their Own Necks

America’s Representatives Are Again Passing Unconstitutional Bills With Billions Going To Foreign Countries

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$1.4 Billion Worth Of Stimulus Payments Accidentally Sent To Millions Of Dead People

Using Your Money To Campaign: Trump Demands & Gets His Name On Stimulus Checks

Those Of You Still Working, Would It Bother You To Know That The Unconstitutional Stimulus Is Paying Those Not Working An Additional $600 Per Week To Be Unemployed?

Debt Disguised As Relief: Multi-Trillion Dollar Unconstitutional Stimulus Sells Out The People For 30 Pieces Of Silver

Not Enough Socialism! President Trump Blasts Congress For Not Giving Significantly Larger Checks To Americans

About That $25 Million That Went To The Kennedy Center That Trump Claims Was A Democrat Request – Just Look Who Is On The Board… Melania, Michelle, Mitch & Others

It Took Government Less Time To Approve COVID-19 Vaccine Than A $600 Check For Citizens

Pharmacist Of 43 Years: CDC Says COVID More Deadly Than Flu – “I Believe We’re Being Played” – Here’s Why

State Legislators Not Complying With Constitution & 1st Amendment Redress Of Grievances Case

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