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Congress-CDC Sold YOU Out: Robert Kennedy Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Big Pharma And Fake Science!

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Published on: August 5, 2020

“Unfortunately we are in a situation today where we have tremendous corruption, not only in congress which is receiving more money from pharmaceutical companies than any other industry that Pharmaceutical gives in lobbying…” –Robert Kennedy

The corruption in America stinks to high Heaven, friends.

I am not suggesting that Americans have not been warned over and over again (Ezekiel 3:17) concerning the issues that we face today.  They have, no doubt, and that without question.  So, it should come as no surprise when I tell you that you have been sold out by your Congress to big pharmaceutical companies for not taking heed to those warnings.  In addition, if you are wondering why big tech companies are censoring doctors for telling you the truth, this information may help you greatly (John 8:44).

Google Caught Red-Handed

Posted by Breitbart on Thursday, July 30, 2020

Who is responsible for attempting to steer all of this coronavirus propaganda to vaccinations?  It’s none other than government cronies and corrupt billionaire Bill Gates (Psalm 12:8), the one that wants to depopulate the world (John 10:10). Friends, remember the same ones deceiving you about the virus, are the same ones selling you the vaccinations (Leviticus 19:19).

The Same DECEIVERS Pushing The Virus Are The Same ONES Selling You The Vaccinations…

To further solidify my point, I recently came across a video with Robert Kennedy calling out these corruptions for what they are (Luke 12:2). See the script below.

“The CDC has an 11.5 billion dollar budget and 4.9 billion of that is buying and selling and distributing vaccines. The CDC is a vaccine company that owns 57 Vaccine patents so it can make money on every sale of a vaccine. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) owns hundreds of vaccine patents. The
NIH also owns half the patent for the modern vaccine.

Unfortunately we are in a situation today where we have tremendous corruption not only in congress which is receiving which receives more money from pharmaceutical companies than any other industry that Pharmaceutical gives in lobbying…

So imagine this, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gets 50% of its budget from vaccine companies from the industry, 50% that is twice the amount that oil and gas which is the next big one four times with defense in aerospace, there are more lobbyists aren’t a lobbyist in congress and then there are members of congress in the senate.

There’s five individuals at NIH and the rules at NIH if you’re a scientist or an official who worked on a vaccine, you’re allowed to collect $150,000 a year in royalties on sales that vaccine makes.

These regulatory agencies are actually vaccine companies,the vaccine marketing sales part of those agencies is the tail that is now wagging the regulatory talk. They are not doing their job as regulators, and in fact the senior scientist at CDC today the senior vaccine safety scientist who’s been invited he’s still at he was a senior scientist there for 18 years, he is the author or co-author on all of the major studies that CDC has produced on vaccine safety, and particularly the studies that show the vaccine does not cause autism his name is Dr. William Thompson.

Three years ago he came forward and he said uh we have been ordered to fake all the science of the last decade on autism and in his and he said in fact, we were in the major study which is called the Stefano 2004’s the most cited study on this subject any on pub med and he said in that study we found out that black boys who get the MMR vaccine had a 363 % greater risk of getting an autism diagnosis, and black boys who waited after 36 months.

He said he was ordered to come into a conference room with all that data with his four other co-authors by their CDC pause Frank De Stefano who then ordered them to destroy that data in front of them in CDC headquarters and then publish that study saying there is no effect.

So you have an agency that is really just an arm of industry and the people who are in my community who are being derided and vilified these mothers who have vaccinated injured children, are being vilified in the press, who are saying wait a minute we have read the studies the scientific studies we have read about the industry corruption we need to talk about this, they’re being silenced by the press they’re not allowed to tell their stories and nobody is talking about a single member of Anderson Cooper’s staff or Sanjay Kupa has made any effort to talk to Bill Thompson and he has been begging to be subpoenaed and he’s still at CDC.”

Friends, it is clear that there is an alliance made here to profit off the people regardless of what the cost may be (Isaiah 28:18). I suggest that we consider the sources here and begin to defy and bring to justice those who are clearly acting out unlawfully, as well as dealing with those who are aligned with them and perpetuating the global fraud (Ephesians 4:14).

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