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Congress to Investigate if State Department Helped Clinton Against GOP

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Published on: February 14, 2018

While the mainstream media continues to talk about the Russia collusion (with Trump) story without any evidence of actual collusion, they are completely ignoring the scandal that happens to have mountains of evidence.

In fact, this other scandal has been metastasizing as each new twist and turn in the investigation seems to uncover yet another example of malfeasance and corruption.

The story began when the President off-handedly remarked on a New York Times story that implied that the Obama administration had had Trump Tower under surveillance in the months before the 2016 election. Of course, the Democrats and their friends in the media mocked the President for the assertion, but several months later we learned that the President had been right after all.

That revelation, that the Obama administration actually did have a FISA warrant to monitor the Trump campaign has led us down a rabbit hole that has implicated many in the FBI, the CIA, and now… at the State Department. It seems the deeper that investigators dig, the wider the conspiracy to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Donald Trump grows.
Fox News’ Maria Bartiromor sat down with Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) on Sunday to discuss the way the investigation continues to spread.

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How devastating is the interview?

Here’s the key takeaway:

“So we know that Hillary Clinton goes to run for president and she’s got the full weight and strength and power of the U.S. government behind her, where FBI and other agencies are completely politicized to make sure she wins, and she still lost.” 

Devin Nunes: So what we originally said is that we had an investigation into the State Department and how information was coming into the State Department and then getting to other agencies. Since we announced that, just a little over a week ago, we’ve had numerous people that were at the State Department at the time who have now come out and are spilling their guts.

In fact, so much so, one of them actually wrote an op-ed as to why I was investigating him. It was published in the Washington Post. Which I thought was a little bizarre, because we hadn’t even reached out to him yet. The only people that I know had reached out to him or named that individual was Chuck Grassley, Senator Grassley, who was also conducting an investigation. So names are beginning to spill out, names that I think would ring a bell, like Cody Shearer and Sidney Blumenthal, who are known long-time Hillary Clinton advocates.

This was actually before my time in Washington, when they were up to a lot of shenanigans. But most of the people who’ve been around a long time know these characters, they know they’re bad in terms of the types of things that they’re willing to use against political adversaries.

Somehow, what it appears like, if you believe the Washington Post editorial or op-ed, is that these cast of characters were putting information similar to the original Steele dossier, what appears to be in a different Steele dossier, if you believe them, which was attacking Trump and feeding that into the FBI.

And that’s not all we’re looking at. I’m glad that they came out and puked their guts out in the Washington Post. I’d like more people to do that…

But we are actually looking at additional challenges of information that went into the State Department and went to the FBI to be used against the Republicans.

Maria Bartiromo: Congressman, how far up the chain does this go? Was Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton basically pulling the strings?

Devin Nunes: Well, we know that — that the attorney general was briefed in the spring of 2016. So we know she was made aware. We know now, by the people from the State Department who have said that John Kerry, Secretary Kerry was briefed on the dossier. We know most of the news media was briefed on the dossier. So all of this was out there — everybody, I think, but the Trump campaign and Republicans and the American people. Everybody else outside of those three groups knew about the dossier and were actively trying to open investigations, start investigations to – to use this dirt to go after the other campaign.

Maria Bartiromo: Incredible. So we know that Hillary Clinton goes to run for president and she’s got the full weight and strength and power of the U.S. government behind her, where FBI and other agencies are completely politicized to make sure she wins, and she still lost.  This is just an extraordinary story.

Devin Nunes: And not only that, Maria, but I’d also that – that the collusion is right in front of our eyes, right, people – just because you hire a lawyer who hires a firm who hires a former British spy to – to make contacts with Russians…  That means that you were colluding with the Russians.

Maria Bartiromo: Yes, right, that’s called collusion. Yes, collusion, and corruption at the top of the FBI.

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