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Cruz Lone Vote Against Senate Immigration Reform: Here’s Why

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Published on: February 14, 2018

When Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) threw his hat into the ring as a candidate for the Republican nomination in the 2016 presidential election, this writer criticized Cruz for ignoring the “natural born citizen” requirement contained in the Constitution for an individual to be president.  Naturally, this writer received great criticism from Cruz supporters, which was not surprising.  However, when it comes to issues before the Senate involving the Constitution, Sen. Cruz has, what many would call, a good voting record that adheres to the Constitution.  According to Conservative Review, Sen. Cruz earns a 90% liberty score.  On a school grading system, Sen. Cruz earns an “A.”

With Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell initiating the “failure theater strategy,” Sen. Ted Cruz cast the lone vote against bringing a debate to the Senate floor on immigration reform.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The article, Sneaky Snake McConnell Using Failure Theater To Undermine Trump Immigration Platform, outlined how the “failure theater strategy” could be used by McConnell as well as explained that strategy.

The 97-1 Senate vote will move the immigration reform debate to the Senate floor beginning the “failure theater strategy” scenario that will undermine Trump’s campaign immigration platform.

To clarify upon yesterday’s article, Trump’s campaign platform did not include amnesty or a pathway to citizenship for illegal alien invaders – DACA and DREAMERs – which Americans supported.

Now, Trump has waffled to speak about DACA affectionately while contemplating amnesty and a pathway to citizenship in exchange for border wall funding, disappointing many Americans who voted for Trump based on his campaign immigration platform.

The White House has not indicated what prompted Trump’s turn around.

On this issue, Trump should stand firm on his campaign platform regarding illegal alien invasion and changes to the immigration law that place Americans first, minus the E-verify system.

Breitbart reported:

Senator Cruz took the stand based on a long-held belief that there should not be a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Cruz’ spokesperson, Catherine Frazier told The Hill that the senator “believes it would be a serious mistake for Congress to pass legislation that grants a path to citizenship for those here illegally.”

“Such a policy is inconsistent with the promises that he and Republicans have made to the voters, and is in fact further to the left of President Obama’s position,” Frazier explained.

Despite Cruz’ vote on principle, the House bill which will be used as a vehicle for Senate debate will move forward. Debate is expected to begin on Tuesday.

A group of senators brought forward a plan by President Donald Trump that provides an estimated 1.8 illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children a pathway to citizenship. In exchange from the dramatic departure on policy, President Trump seeks $25 billion in border security and other changes to the U.S. immigration system. Those changes could include an end to the visa lottery system and chain migration.

In order to for the bill to move forward in the Senate, at least nine Democrat senators would have to join with all 51 Republicans to create a 60-vote majority. Senator Cruz has already indicated his no-vote and it is likely that other Republicans might not support the measure.

There is no indication if Democrat senators will accept the border security funding and changes in immigration policy to obtain the long-sought amnesty for the so-called “Dreamers.”

Sen. Ted Cruz was the lone republican to take a stand against pushing this “immigration reform” to the Senate floor for debate where McConnell could initiate the “failure theater strategy” by initiating the rule (his rule) the Senate start with an empty bill then insert whatever measures and proposals produces a 60-vote majority.

Giving credit where credit is due, Sen. Cruz recognized the tactic made famous by House Majority Leader John Boehner being used by McConnell and ilk to once again shaft the American voters.

But, the question remains, “why not enforce the immigration laws in place now and rescind “chain illegal alien invasion,” the visa lottery, the anchor baby provision, and foreign work visas?”  That is only a four-line bill.

Any proposal that awards criminals for violation of the law is a slap in the face to law-abiding American citizens, immigrants waiting to enter the united States, those who immigrated legally waiting to qualify for citizenship, and previous legal immigrants who jumped through numerous governmental hoops obtaining citizenship.

The American people would do well to remember the outcry of Republican candidates for votes in the past two elections to “stop Obama’s policies,” which included DACA, amnesty and DREAMER citizenship, then sold out the people by caving to Hussein Soetoro and Democrats.

Likewise, the American people would do well to remind President Trump of his campaign immigration platform.

A website archive page of Trump’s campaign immigration platform can be viewed here captured on August 18, 2016.

The first sentence of his platform stated, “When politicians talk about ‘immigration reform’ they mean:  amnesty, cheap labor and open borders.”

His identified three core principles mention nothing about exceptions for DACA, DREAMERs or others who have violated immigration law and are productive.

To get an idea of an anti-constitutional mind, one only has to look at comment on the Breitbart article by “Asmodeous Rex.”

“So what is Ted Cruz up to? What does he believe in? This man was born in Canada and is of Cuban background. The only reason he could become an American is because his father got a free pass into the USA as an opponent of communism. Sooner or later the USA has to come to some kind of arrangement with the peoples from the Americas. They are here to stay and America is their continent.” [emphasis mine]

With regard to his comment on Cruz’s citizenship, the boat has left the dock on that issue, which has been discussed repeatedly, including the possibility Cruz may not possess US citizenship, much less be a natural born citizen – place of birth is no determinate of being a natural born citizen;  it is the citizenship of the parents, particularly the father, that determine natural born citizenship through “coveture,” in effect at the time of the writing of the Constitution.

Don’t get bogged down in the argument “for or against” whether Cruz is a citizen or natural born citizen since that boat has sailed.

References are being given only to provide the resources backing up the claim this writer made.

The point here is the statement by Asmodeous Rex highlighted for emphasis.  This is the anti-constitutionalist mindset.

The Western Hemisphere consists of two actual continents – North America and South America.

However, in those continents exist numerous nations, countries and republics that have immigration laws to determine who can immigrate and who cannot.

While “an America” may be their continent, the republic of the united States is NOT theirs and our republic does NOT HAVE to come to “some kind of arrangement” for these people.

Cruz, through his lone vote against sending immigration reform to the Senate floor for debate to stave off the failure theater strategy, is upholding the constitutionally authorized legislation on immigration, meaning no special arrangements for illegal alien invaders regardless of what nomenclature these individuals adopt.

Remember, any time any politician utters “reform” on any issue up for legislation, one can guarantee the citizens of the united States lose.

If one looks forward a bit, one can see the parallel to the last “amnesty” deal made during the Reagan administration where shill charlatan politicians claimed this issue would not ever be revisited.

Here we are 30 years later revisiting the issue.

This same issue could be revisited in another 30 years if the law continues to be skirted.  Just like during the Reagan administration, it will kick the can down the road.

Another individual commenting on the Breitbart article identified the exact problem this republic could face should McConnell and his ilk succeed.

“Sven” wrote, “Diversity, multiculturalism, political correctness, and illegal immigration is the death of American heritage. The biggest lie ever sold to its citizens. All of these people will transfer your wealth when they out number you. This you can count on!” [emphasis mine]

It has been postulated it takes roughly two generations before those who entered illegally, received a pass, have family members who adopt a conservative or constitutional mindset.  Until then, these individuals have voted for Democrat “freebies” and giveaways using other people’s money.

Should McConnell and his ilk succeed with the empty bill and inserting proposals to get a 60-vote majority, this republic could see an exponential increase in border crossings that would include gang members, terrorists and individuals seeking to “change” our government.

As a reminder, many elected officials in both chambers of Congress already believe their job is to “represent” illegal alien invaders instead of the citizens who elected them.

So, why have not more Senators stood with Sen. Cruz?  Why was Cruz the lone vote to stave off the “failure theater strategy?”  The answer was provided in a previous article – it is a government “for the corporation, by the corporation, and of the corporation” where both sides of the aisle gain from rewarding violators of the law instead of holding them accountable.

Moreover, there are too few individuals in both chambers of Congress who actually take their oath seriously to uphold, support and defend the Constitution for the united States of America.  This issue becomes a “win-win” for politicians.

Republicans and Democrats both satisfy their corporate constituency;  Democrats bury Republican support to shift power to their party, moving closer to “one party” rule;  Republicans are a cheek on the same butt as Democrats;  and, both sides of the aisle see a chance to impeach Trump should dissatisfaction grow, placing a Democrat majority in the House and Senate in 2018.

The losers are the American people, not the politicians.

What DACA and DREAMER individuals don’t understand is they will be on the losing end if amnesty and a pathway to citizenship is awarded to them – more citizens’ income for government to fleece and redistribute to the next wave of illegal alien invaders who will demand exceptions in 30 years.  DREAMER Hilario Yanez exhibited classic hypocrisy on future individuals in his position – exception for me, but not for thee.

Sen. Cruz has his faults, just as everyone else.  However, he recognized the problem with taking this issue to the Senate floor for debate under McConnell’s leadership.  Unfortunately, other Republicans are thrilled to engage in “failure theater” in order to parade in front of the cameras to engage in a “pity party” crying “we tried, but couldn’t get it accomplished so we did the best we could.”  The Senate vote reflected that sentiment.

Get ready, America!  Even if Trump vetoes their plot, one can bet the Senate would vote to override.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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