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Congress sends Message to Obama that He can Act Criminally with Impunity

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Published on: August 19, 2014

There is never a more clear message to a criminal to commit more crime than to allow a criminal to operate with impunity. This is the message that has been sent to Barack Hussein Obama, his ilk, and those in Washington, DC, who have committed crimes deserving of arrest, trial and imprisonment if found guilty. However, lawlessness reigns supreme inside the Beltway cavity of excrement, with an impotent Congress held hostage by one man, and one party in the Senate, and an out of touch, senile GOP leadership.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy recently stated that any attempt to impeach Barack Obama should be taken off the table. McCarthy is siding with House Speaker John Boehner in bringing a lawsuit against Obama for exceeding his constitutional powers. Claiming the only ones talking about impeachment are Democrats, McCarthy declared those speaking of impeachment are doing so for political purposes.

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In an interview with CBNnews, McCarthy told David Brody, “If you really look at what we’re talking about, we’re talking about bringing back the three co-equal branches. It’s not a lawsuit about an individual. It’s about an administration.”

The constitutional remedy for an out of control executive is impeachment, according to Article 2, Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States of America. But, it seems Congressional leaders have thrown out the Constitution in favor of their self-proclaimed remedy of a lawsuit. So, there will be no impeachment – fine. Since the Constitution has been discarded, it’s time these charlatan politicians answer a few hard questions about their lawsuit.

First – how is this lawsuit going to “force” an out of control individual occupying the office of the presidency and “the administration” to cease exceeding constitutional authority? No double speak, please. It should be a straightforward answer with decisive steps.

Second – should a judge rule in favor of the lawsuit complaints, just who is going to enforce the ruling? Who is going to take away the ability of the president to issue executive orders, or who is going to make sure executive orders do not fall outside the authority granted in the Constitution?

Third – how does this lawsuit stop out of control, unconstitutional and constitutional alphabet agencies under the control of the executive? What measures set forth in the lawsuit, if won, would accomplish eliminating the lawless, criminal behavior exhibited by the administration?

Fourth – since the president has exceeded his constitutional authority, and it has been shown there have been multiple violations of law, why is only a lawsuit being filed when there is clear evidence to arrest, detain and submit to trial a man, who by unequivocal evidence, is a criminal? Documentation abounds detailing Obama’s and this administration’s criminal acts. Why stop at a lawsuit when you could go for a criminal trial?

Since the constitutional remedy has been trashed, it seems only fair that an action supported by the Speaker of the House and the majority leader have specifics in place and that those specifics be outlined to the American people to justify the millions of tax-payer dollars being used to enact this lawsuit. Conservatives are even split on the issue of supporting the Constitutional remedy or supporting the unconstitutional remedy; but, no one is asking for specifics on the “lawsuit” and all those in Congress supportive of this measure are not providing any. Why?

If Congress is going to ask for support in contradiction to the Constitution and some conservatives want to rally on board that train, specifics need to be forthcoming so it is clear what the cheerleaders are supporting – the actual reality and not what each individual who supports this action thinks it will accomplish.

If the Constitution is going to be trashed, the American people deserve to know why the Supreme Law of the Land has now been rendered moot – forget the cowardly arguments of a democratically controlled Senate preventing the impeachment, the people are not behind impeachment, only Democrats are talking about impeachment, and whatever straw man argument politicians can concoct. It comes down to the legislative body of this government choosing to disregard the governing law, the Constitution, in favor of a politically hatched remedy.

Obama has thumbed his nose at being sued, laughed at the notion of a lawsuit against the administration, and even taunted GOP leaders with “So, sue me.” He certainly is not taking any of this seriously. But, some conservative Americans rally around the lawsuit as though it will make a difference – it won’t. Impeachment may not either, but impeachment is the law while a lawsuit is not.

While not accepting of the Constitution being rendered moot or treated like a Chinese buffet, let’s every American get their wish list out of what would be “acceptable” to keep or discard regarding the Constitution, since some conservatives favor a lawsuit against the president that is clearly not in the Constitution. Most Americans would love to discard the Sixteenth Amendment on income tax – check that one gone. Oh, that pesky Fourth Amendment keeps police and the government from fully doing their jobs – check that one gone. And, it certainly isn’t fair that someone cannot be kept from incriminating themselves, since it is a detriment to society – yep, Fifth Amendment gone. As we have seen, guns are a menace to society causing all sorts of trouble so only law enforcement agencies can have “arms” – yep, that one surely has to go. Since the Second Amendment has been trashed, the irritating First Amendment is next, meaning every American should stay home and keep quiet – whew, thank goodness for that. Some would like to bring back legalized slavery – say goodbye to the Fourteenth Amendment. Get ready to host members of the military in your home to keep a physical eye and ear on the pulse of America, all for your own safety. Now, Americans won’t have to be bothered with elections and voting – that’s gone as well.

Yes, that is sarcasm; but, why is disregarding the Supreme Law of the Land in one area acceptable and others are not? Boehner and his ilk choose to ignore impeachment with the support of many conservatives. Will those who support this lawsuit cheer when the next thing the government ignores is its forbidden action to legislate God-given rights? In treating the Constitution like a Chinese buffet, it won’t be the American people choosing what government can and cannot do, or should and should not follow. It will be the politicians holding seats, claiming themselves the government that will be making the decisions. Are not citizens already squawking about Fourth Amendment violations, unconstitutional spying and “free speech zones?” Some of these same citizens support the unconstitutional lawsuit. Which side of the fence do some conservatives want to reside on, since it can’t be both ways?

Many conservatives have called for Obama and his agency heads to be arrested and tried for crimes. Yes, he and his agency heads should be arrested and tried. Obama, along with his agency heads, have committed numerous crimes deserving of a criminal trial; but, Obama cannot be arrested and tried for these crimes because he holds the office of the presidency. He cannot be arrested and tried until he is removed from office. Is this lawsuit going to accomplish that? No. Impeachment is not a guarantee he will be removed from office. However, impeachment is the remedy to remove him from office, then hold him accountable for his crimes. And, it sends a message that the people, via Congress, are aware of his crimes and mean to hold him accountable.

But, we have trashed the Constitution, remember? So, why is not anyone in Congress calling for the arrest, detainment and trial of one Barack Hussein Obama? You guessed it folks – they are standing on the Constitution that indicates a president must be removed from office by impeachment then stand trial for criminal behavior. What a tangled web they weave!

To be honest, this lawsuit is going nowhere, but, it does accomplish a few goals. It leads some Americans to support and become desensitized to unconstitutional actions. It sways some conservative support away from the actual Constitution and the remedy of impeachment using bogus straw man arguments. It garners further support for the political elite who wish to remain in power and control, not governance. After all, Americans are not going to want to vote out of office the ones who are initiating this lawsuit – those politicians need to be there to see this lawsuit to completion, which could take years.

There is nothing like a good buffet when it comes to Chinese food; but, where the law is concerned, picking and choosing leads only in one direction, and that direction is not the rule of law – it is the rule of men. The question is; without the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land, what rule (s) of what man (men) will be supreme?

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