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Border Agent Called out on Unlawful Search by US Citizen – Watch What Happens

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Published on: August 19, 2014

A concerned U.S. citizen spoke with me about a brief incident that took place over the summer at a U.S. border patrol checkpoint in Arizona. He then provided the above video with this explanation:

The incident we spoke about that is reflected on the video took place near Tombstone, AZ on June 10, 2014. I pray that it can be used to show the hypocrisy and failure of the Government’s policies. I saw on ‘Hannity’ last night that 40% of Border Patrol field agents have been reassigned to refugee welfare related duties with liberals praising them for taking their own money to buy illegal immigrants hygiene items, diapers, etc. So what is the purpose for these checkpoints exactly?

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

In the video, our contact stops at the checkpoint where he is greeted and detained by an agent who tells him, “This will just be a moment, alright?” According to the contact, another agent then approached the vehicle with a K-9 unit (a dog trained to smell and identify illegal contraband). The second agent then began to deploy the dog to sniff the vehicle, beginning at the rear (Notice the driver-side rear view mirror). It is important to note here that this was not a “drug checkpoint,” but simply a general checkpoint through which all vehicles must pass.

At this point our contact, the vehicle driver, is heard saying, “For what? For an unlawful seizure? Unless you have probable cause, you can’t sniff my car!” The agent to whom he was speaking immediately relents and releases the driver, apparently calling off the sniff search and says, “Have a nice day sir.”

The lesson here is twofold. First, this very brief incident represents a microcosm in the rising tide of federal abuses of power and a growing disregard for the restrictions placed on the government by the U.S. Constitution (in this case, the Fourth Amendment). With neither probable cause nor express consent, this type of search is unlawful. When the agent was called out on it, he quickly relented, a clear and tacit admission that these agents knew that what they were doing was unlawful.

Secondly, this incident, as noted by the vehicle’s driver in his email, shows grossly displaced priorities on the part of our U.S. Border patrol. While tens-of-thousands of illegal immigrants (untold numbers of whom are either criminals or even potential Islamic terrorists) invade from the South, our hamstrung border patrol agents are spending their time conducting illegal searches and seizures on U.S. citizens and babysitting illegal immigrant children who are being used  as a “humanitarian crisis” decoy – all while the bad guys flood into our sovereign nation.

And President Obama fiddles aways…

It is often said that “knowledge is power.” Americans need to become informed about their guaranteed constitutional rights and stand firm in defense of them. We have a lawless president and we shouldn’t be surprised that the federal agencies under his charge are behaving in such a lawless manner.


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