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“Constitutional” Sheriff Violates Constitution by Tracking Investigative Journalist

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Published on: May 23, 2015

Editor’s Note: We previously reported on Sheriff Justin Smith calling out veiled threats by Obama’s Homeland Security. However, new information seems to implicate the sheriff’s department in clear violations of the constitution and the rights of citizens in his county, namely a journalist named Stacy Lynne. While he seemed to stand against certain aspects of illegal immigration, it was the apparent criminal infringement upon Lynne’s constitutional rights that has him on the grill now.

Normally, I would preface an article such as this one with terms like “allegedly.” However, in this particular case the evidence is undeniable and no such disclaimer is necessary; a fact that will become evident as you read further and listen to the companion interview with investigative journalist, Stacy Lynne.

Larimer County, Colorado Sheriff Justin Smith claims to value constitutional principles. In fact, I have included excerpts below from his own web space claiming as much:

Sheriff Smith keeps his eye towards the future, while being very mindful to history of the Office of Sheriff and the importance of the values and principles of our Constitutional Republic. Sheriff Smith’s priorities for the office include:
– Standing strong for the citizens of Larimer County
– Delivering extremely high quality public safety services
– Continually seeking ways to increase efficiencies in the operations of the office
– Assuring that all persons are treated with dignity and fairness

So, Sheriff Smith claims to be mindful of the values and principles of our Constitutional Republic; while further claiming that he, as a priority, “Assures that all persons are treated with dignity and fairness.” These are his words, not mine. As you will learn, Sheriff Justin Smith violated his oath, and appears to merely be a Constitutional “poser” when it comes to securing everyone’s Bill of Rights.

Let’s get back to the aforementioned, Stacy Lynne. Sadly, Stacy wasn’t afforded the protection promised from Sheriff Smith. He failed to “stand strong” for Stacy’s rights, a citizen of Larimer County, and he failed, on a colossal level, to assure that Stacy was treated with dignity and fairness; as the Larimer County Sheriff attached a GPS tracking device to Stacy’s vehicle, and captured her cell-phone communications, all without a warrant.

One may wonder how Stacy knew that the GPS device was from the Larimer County Sheriff’s office. A question that was answered by another local law enforcement agency, the Weld County Sheriff’s Office, who traced the device’s serial number back to the Larimer County Sheriff., then entered the device into evidence.

Hear these facts and much more directly from the victim, Stacy Lynne, by listening to the interview below on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show.


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