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Contrasting the Presidential Candidates

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Published on: May 6, 2016

Well, the results of the primary this Tuesday in Maryland are in. It is interesting to examine the promises politicians make as they are pleading for our votes. I can summarize the communist candidate with this “Let us take all your money and we will care for you cradle to grave.” He personally believes that those who don’t work should eat anyway. His own history shows that. In 1971, he joined a hippie commune in Vermont. But they quickly threw him out because he would not work and just sat around and talked and talked and talked some more.[1] Sounds like nothing has changed. Then there is the strident vicious feminist with a long list of suspicious deaths in her wake, who, when you examine the evidence, should really be in prison, not on the campaign trail. I take her mantra to be essentially this, “Give all power to me and I will let you live.” Then there’s he who said he renounced his Canadian citizenship,and then sealed his records so we have no proof that he is an American citizen, let alone a “Natural Born Citizen” as required by the Constitution. Then there’s make America Great by playing follow the leader wherever he leads. Oh, and finally the socialist who is just several steps behind the communist. Some of the choice we were given at the polls on Tuesday. But one thing I did notice on the Democrat ballot that I have never seen before: an option down at the bottom of the listing of Presidential candidates – none of the above. Well, those weren’t the precise words, but that was the meaning. “I don’t support any of the candidates for president.” Wow, I wonder how in the world that option made it on the ballot? And why didn’t we hear any figures reported on the number of voters who cast their ballot for the “none of the above.” Given the five choices presented to us, I would have been interested in seeing that option on both party’s ballots – “none of the above.”

Every candidate paints a glorious picture of the future of America if we will simply elect them to the office of President. The economy will blossom, all needs and even wants will be met—why, it will be heaven on earth. They forecast a glorious future for America. You remember four years ago, and even eight years ago, these were the same promises made by the imposter in the White House, as well. Didn’t turn out as he promised, did it? What is the future of America? Is there an accurate forecast of what lies ahead? Turn to Exodus 23, for the Word of God speaks clearly to this issue. Essentially, there are only two options for America today given our current condition.

  • We are steeped in the abominations God specifically states will cause the land to spew out its inhabitants. We have plunged down the path of national suicide.
  • When we look to the future for our land there are only two roads: the one we are currently on, which leads to total destruction, to the inhabitants being spewed out of this land, or
  • Repentance and revival. Were our land to fall down in repentance, confessing our sins to God, crying out to Him for His mercy, turning from the evil we have embraced, God in His mercy might yet spare us the destruction which otherwise is our sure destination.

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