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Silent Christian Voters Jeopardize Our Freedoms

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Published on: May 6, 2016

Every Qualified Voter Votes Every Election Day. Is that Surprising?

Government by Consent of the Governed

After each Election Day, the media usually reports on the percentage of registered voters who turned out to vote. Such reports assume only those votes influenced the outcome. However, the truth is the vote of every voter influenced the outcome. Those who voted by ballot voted for candidates and issues that represented their values and their votes influenced the outcome. Registered voters, who did not go to the polls, as well as qualified legal residents of age but unregistered, voted by their silence for candidates and issues which represented the values of others and that, too, influenced the outcome.

In other words, in America we are governed by consent of the governed. Poll voters express their consent to values under which they desire to be governed. Those who remain silent, give their tacit* consent to be governed under values of poll voters.

Representative Government

God has given America a representative government, which is dependent on voters for their input. So the right representation depends on Christians, who are light and salt in every area of life, Matt. 5, which includes civil government. Regrettably, many Christians have been deceived into believing they are to represent Him everywhere except civil government! Keeping the Truth of God’s Word out of civil government has been very useful to the Deceiver’s agenda for our nation. No wonder there is such rampant darkness and decay in government today because the “light” has been kept “under a bushel” and the “salt” has ”lost its saltiness”! It should not be too surprising Christians are being trampled under government’s foot just as the Lord warned would happen.

Biblical Purpose of Government

The Word of God has clearly given the purpose of civil government in Romans 13:1-7, i.e., to protect the good and punish wicked acts. Unless Christians speak out, government will continue to expand protection of the lawless and wicked, followed by punishment of law abiding citizens (like higher taxes) as well as punishment for Christians who teach the Bible (now called hate speech) who evangelize, send out missionaries, do benevolence, etc.! 

Keep in mind being ruled by godly values, even in civil government, is the objective. This should mean voting for Christians. Unfortunately, the church in America has opted out of the political scene for so long, in far too many races there are no Christians running for office, esp. those who support and can reason from Biblical governing principles! But, Christians must go to the polls and vote even though their only choice is, as the saying goes, for “the lesser of  two evils”. Otherwise, by their tacit* consent “the worst of the two evils” will win!

Christians must also be discerning of candidates who call themselves Christian but do not stand for Biblical values. These candidates entice Christian poll voters to vote for them instead of true Christian candidates, thereby giving consent to be externally govern by ungodly values .The values supported by a candidate are what is important here. This is a grave issue that calls for much prayer.

Christians are Stewards of our Government

Because God has given America a government based on “We the People”, Christians are called to be stewards of our civil government, as much as stewards of everything else; such as our finances, possessions, talents, etc., if not more so. Protection of our freedom of religion depends on it. Therefore, all Christians should be good stewards and vote at the polls for candidates and issues they have studied, which represent the Lord’s values, thus being good stewards and making their votes count for Him.

* “TAC’IT, a. [L. tacitus, from taceo, to be silent, that is, to stop, or to close.] Silent; implied, but not expressed. tacit consent is consent by silence, or not interposing an objection. So we say, a tacit agreement or covenant of men to live under a particular government, when no objection or opposition is made; a tacit surrender of a part of our natural rights; a tacit reproach, &c.” from   Webster’s 1828 Dictionary,  on

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