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Coronavirus & Government Actions (Video)

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Published on: March 26, 2020

My friend and author of The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates, Matt Trewhella, recently provided a brief commentary, along with clear evidence that the united States, and even the world, is having the wool pulled over the collective eyes of the people concerning coronavirus.

In commenting on what is going on, Trewhella wrote, “Major red flags are being raised from the government’s coronavirus response. Unchecked government overreach is as real of a threat as the coronavirus itself. Is what we’re seeing a dry run for something in the future?”

I believe that is exactly the case, or it very well could be more than just a dry run.

Take a look.

Notice that Matt demonstrates Facebook’s own censorship of information related to how damaging to the immune system vaccines are.

We reported on this previously.

The Big Reason Why We Need A Conservative Version Of Social Media Platforms

The real issue when it comes to vaccines is about what you worship.  Do you trust God and obey him in how you care for your body or do you trust the Beast, the tyrannical government that demands you bow the knee to them and take their “cure.”

The Vaccine Debate is about Authority Worship

The Dark Idolatrous History Of Vaccines & Their Ties To Population Control

It’s not like we are unaware of the evidence.

Bombshell: WHO Chief Scientist Caught On Video Contradicting Vaccine Propaganda

Vaccine Truths The CDC, WHO & The UN Don’t Want You To Know

Matt demonstrates that the big social media giants like Facebook are in bed with our government by pointing people to the government-approved ministry of truth when it comes to vaccines, just like they do when you report the truth and they call it fake news and send you to authors who are veterans of the least trusted name in news, CNN.  I’m pretty sure when we jokingly speak of Facebook as Fascistbook, that is more on point than many believe.

Trewhella then points out that men like Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg are on record as being in favor of population control, and supporting vaccines.

Both men were also responsible for the production of Event 201.

Matt refers to the following videos.

I wrote on this previously

Is Bill Gates Profiting From The Outbreak? Or Is Something Far More Sinister Taking Place?

Trewhella then warned, “A government that’s given unbridled, limitless power and authority always corrupts itself and harms the people.”

Indeed! Sadly, the people seem that they want it to be so.

Meanwhile, bad actors like Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told you the truth in his confusion when he said we were in the midst of a “live exercise.”

Me thinks Pompeo got the memo on Event 201.

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