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How To Deal With “Sex Assault” Allegations Without Evidence

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Published on: November 13, 2017

So-called “empowerment of women” has nearly brought America to her knees.

Women have been allowed to make up any accusation against men, and half the country believes them without any evidence.

Corrupt judges, politicians and media encourage this madness.

Accusations against men destroy the good reputations of decent men.

They distance supporters from good leaders, wives from husbands, children from their fathers.

This separation kills the souls of children, who grow up angry, aimless and out of control. Suspicions play on the imaginations and worries of women in relationships.

False accusations breed malice and distrust between men and women.

How do you protect yourself from vindictive, selfish women and their wicked lies?

First, you don’t have sex with a woman until marriage.

That way, you and she stay less emotionally involved.

Liberals have a very low moral standard, or excuse, for sex under any circumstance.

They call their low standard “consent,” whereas God’s standard is marriage.

God gave us his commandments to help us live a good life and protect us from evil.

Do not fall for Satan’s excuses and phony imitation of morality.

Even so-called “consensual sex” outside marriage opens you up to all kinds of calamity.

The daughter of Satan with whom you slept can change her mind, turn around and accuse you of insane things when the relationship sours.

While not every woman will do this, you cannot afford to place your trust in any woman – if you trust the woman, you don’t trust God.

Whether you know it or not, she will see your weakness, judge you and never respect you.

Vice President Mike Pence even goes so far as to avoid being alone with a woman who is not his wife. This helps protect him from false accusations, eliminating situations in which it’s his word against a woman’s. I’m sure it helps his wife’s peace of mind, as there are fewer opportunities to develop an inappropriate relationship, or get people talking. In these times, good men of power are a target of evil.

President Trump set the example of how a good man should act when accused of so-called “sexual assault”: Keep moving forward.

The wicked will try to guilt, embarrass and overwhelm you, and they’ll plant doubts in the minds of your family and supporters.

They’ll say, “We must believe women.”

They’ll lie and say it’s uncommon for women to falsely accuse men of wrongdoing.

It’s extremely common – and it’s encouraged.

But stand for what’s right, even if you have to stand alone.

Don’t back down.

In a hit piece by anti-Trump outlet Washington Post (its mission is to spread darkness; its motto, ironically, is “Democracy Dies in Darkness”), the great Judge Roy Moore was accused by a woman of apparently very low character, Leigh Corfman, of fooling around with her against her will when she was 14 and he was 32. (Moore’s Facebook page says she’s accused “several” pastors of making sexual advances toward her, which may provide some context to her accusations against Moore. And journalist James Hirsen said she’s been “charged with multiple misdemeanors,” which many may see as hurting her credibility.)

Other women said they were flattered as “teenagers” by Moore’s supposed pursuing of them after he finished his time of military service, but say they’re troubled by him today.

James Hirsen pointed out that the dishonest Washington Post failed to mention that one of the accusers was a sign-language interpreter for the lying Democrat Joe Biden, and she is a volunteer for Moore’s Democrat opponent.

I remind you that if you support Democrats, you support evil. These women are evil.

For the people not knowing what to believe, don’t believe it. Don’t get caught up in emotions.

Look closely at the people in the lynch mob, instead of joining them – the liberal media, RINO Republicans like John McCain, Mitt Romney and other cowards who buckle under pressure and betray the country.

These people don’t care about protecting children.

They don’t care about morality.

They simply hate and are jealous of real men like President Trump and Judge Moore, who don’t compromise their love of the country and what’s right.

I was disappointed to see the cowardice and pandering of Sen. Mike Lee in pulling his endorsement of Moore’s run for Senate.

However, it’s not surprising.

Weak men are revealed in trying times.

Lee has the correct conservative principles but lacks the clarity and strength to stand firm with good men.

Last year, before the presidential election, he also called on then-candidate Donald Trump to “step aside. Step down,” over what the media sensationalized as “insults of women.”

The media don’t care about “protecting women.”

If they did, they’d stop promoting abortion; they’d expose the injustices against men and children; they’d stop attacking masculinity and Christianity.

But they mock marriage and demonize fathers, while worshiping “moms.”

They don’t tell the truth about the destruction that angry single mothers inflict on the lives of children.

They should applaud rather than accuse and undermine men of moral strength, like President Trump and Judge Roy Moore.

In order to see clearly, stand firm and keep God’s commandments, I urge you to seek first the kingdom of God by praying without ceasing.

Then you will be able to protect yourself, your family and country in these times.

Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

 Article posted with permission from Jesse Lee Peterson

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