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Roy Moore Readies Lawsuit Against Washington Post

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Published on: November 13, 2017

On Sunday evening, US Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore announced to a crowd of 100 supporters that he would be filing a lawsuit against The Washington Post for a series of hit pieces against him, his wife, his foundation, and his campaign.

Breitbart was granted access to the event where Moore made his announcement and they reported on what was said.

“Shortly after becoming the Republican nominee for the United States Senate, the Washington Post published an article attacking me, my wife, my Foundation for Moral Law in Montgomery, Alabama, on my salary,” Moore announced to his supporters at the Huntsville Christian Academy:

They said I took over a million dollars. There were not a million dollars. I wish I had a million dollars. In fact, I didn’t take the money they awarded me for a salary because I had my own recognition and opted to embrace that salary myself and not take anything from the foundation. So my salary collection wasn’t so much. Over eight years it would have been about $87,000 a year—so I had to take a note and a mortgage for the rest of it. But I never got the money. So, the Washington Post finally realized this after they published an article saying my wife and I got a million dollars, saying, “you didn’t pay taxes for what you didn’t get.”

He then continued and once again said the allegations against him were false and fake news.

“So I was wondering where they got that idea—they talked about control of the money, we didn’t have control of the money,” Moore said. “Anyway, to make a long story short, they kind of failed. So about 30 days before the general election, just the other day, the Washington Post published another attack on my character and reputation because they are desperate to stop my political campaign. These attacks said I was with a minor child and are false and untrue—and for which they will be sued.”

“These attacks are over things that supposedly happened 40 years ago,” Moore said. “Some of you aren’t old enough to remember 40 years ago because you weren’t born, but if you were born it’s difficult to go back 40 years ago. I’ve been married for 33 years, nearly—it will be Dec. 14. Got to remember that.”

“I’ve been married 32 years so far, it will be 33 in a few weeks,” Moore continued.  “We have four children. I have a daughter. I have five granddaughters. I have the highest regard for the protection of young ladies.”

“When I returned to Gadsen 40 years ago after military service, I went to work at the office of the District Attorney,” he added.  “I have been a student of the law for over 40 years in and out of public office, served as a judge, a prosecutor, a defense lawyer, then Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. To be attacked for sexual impropriety contradicts my entire career in law.”

Moore then went on to state:

I want to make this clear: I have not provided alcoholic beverages to a minor. I have not been guilty of sexual misconduct with anyone. These allegations come only four weeks—30 days, about—before the general election. Why now? For 40 years I’ve been so scrutinized in the press, investigated by the attorney general at one time years ago, investigated by the Judicial Inquiry Commission of the Court of the Judiciary. I’ve run five statewide campaigns, every one of them hotly contested. Three county elections, every one of them hotly contested. And you know I’ve been at the center of two national controversies over religious liberty, one over the Ten Commandments—the other over same-sex marriage.

To think that these charges come just 30 days prior to the general election is incomprehensible.

He then rightfully called out the responsible parties, Democrats and Republicans.

“I’ll tell you why now: Because there are groups that don’t want me in the United States Senate,” Moore said. “There’s the Democratic Party, they don’t want to see me in the United States Senate. There’s the Republican establishment, which has spent over $30 million to keep me out of the United States Senate. You put them together, and they realize my opponent is 11 points behind. They’re desperate.”

He then was very specific in targeting Republicans in the establishment.

“You saw, why would the Republicans want to back the Democrat?” Moore asked. “Doesn’t that seem strange? Odd? Well, not so, because they’d rather have him for two years and then elect a Republican from the establishment then elect me and have me there for two years. They are all in it together.” He continued:

This article is a prime example of fake news and an attempt to divert attention from the true issues facing our country like health care, immigration, tax reform, military readiness, and the national debt. We do not intend to let the Democrats, we do not intend to let the establishment Republicans, we do not intend to let anybody prevent us from finishing this race. We expect the people of Alabama to see through this charade, and we will continue our efforts.

When asked during the Question and Answer session how long it would take to initiate his lawsuit, Moore replied, “We have to investigate the charges, which is what we’re doing. “They only published this last week. And now we’re finding a lot of things that need to be brought into the public light that haven’t been yet. As soon as we get ready, we will give them notice before that time.”

It looks like someone is in hot water.  The Washington Post messed with the wrong bear!

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