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Defiant White House: Obama will Seek Executive Amnesty “no matter how big a shellacking Democrats get”

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Published on: November 5, 2014

Most people paying attention assumed that the Republican Party would pick up seats in the House and Senate and that happened on Tuesday, though it remains to be seen what exactly that will mean for the country. However, prior to results being announced, ABC News Chief White House Correspondent John Karl said that White House officials said that Obama would move forward with plans to issue an executive order on immigration reform (aka amnesty) “no matter how big a shellacking Democrats get tonight.”

“White House officials are saying that you can expect the president to set an aggressive, and defiant tone tomorrow,” said Karl. “You’re not going to see any mea culpas, no big firings, no change in direction.”

“Officials tell me the president is prepared to aggressively pursue his agenda using his power of executive authority, where he can’t work with Congress, and the big one is going to be on immigration reform,” he added. “White House officials tell me that the president will move forward with an executive order on immigration reform no matter how big a shellacking Democrats get tonight.”

Karl confronted Obama back in August, reminding him that when he ran for president he said, “The biggest problems we’re facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the Executive Branch and not go through Congress at all and that’s what I intend to reverse.”

He then went on to ask, “Has Congress’ inability to do anything significant given you a green light to push the limits of executive power… even a duty to do so…or put another way, does it bother you more to be accused of being an imperial president pushing those limits or being accused of being a ‘do nothing president,’ who couldn’t get anything done because you faced a dysfunctional Congress?”

Though Obama gave lip service to being “bound by the Constitution…and separation of powers,” he ultimately says he will do what he can do by the “legal authority” he has to advance his agenda, even by mentioning specific things he has not been given authority to do!

This is the same approach he has taken with amnesty following the Senate’s amnesty bill being shot down in flames. He promised that he would seek amnesty through executive action following the elections and it looks like he will attempt to do so. The question will now be, what excuse will Republicans offer for not holding him accountable for such illegal action and for the criminal actions of the past six years by this administration?

Back in May, illegal aliens actually marched on Capitol Hill and demanded that Barack Obama issue amnesty to them and all illegals through executive order.

However, the reality is that laws are in place that have been written constitutionally by the Legislative Branch against such amnesty, but the Obama administration has ignored our immigration laws saying that they “don’t make sense” and they are “not smart.” Should the Obama administration issue amnesty, like the Bush administration did, it would be illegal under our Constitution. He was not given authority to do such things in his enumerated powers.

This blanket amnesty would cover roughly 34 million illegals in the United States. According to Michele Bachmann, that would include illegal Islamic terrorists as well.

This would be exactly what this man and his handlers want. Again, this is not incompetence, it’s purposeful and he knows it. His administration has even orchestrated an invasion of illegals, which, in this writer’s opinion, is an act of war.

America has been given another shot to do the right thing and impeach this man immediately. Though I call upon the new Republican-led House and Senate to do their duty and impeach this president and bring criminal charges of treason against him and others in his administration for their crimes, I’m am doubtful it will happen since many, including Republicans, are compromised men, who are guilty of going along with many of his actions.

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