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Democrat Activists Trying to Seize Control of DHS Inspector General’s Office

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Published on: September 25, 2022

You don’t have to wonder too hard about what they’d do with the office if they got it.

Joseph Cuffari, the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security, is a Trump nominee. Democrat activists have tried to intimidate and threaten him, and run pressure campaigns to abuse the IG office into going after Trump and Republicans.

The campaign is amping up into high gear with congressional pressure and planted stories like this one in CNN prepping the ground for a Biden move.

Employees of the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General’s office are calling on President Joe Biden to fire Inspector General Joseph Cuffari, according to a letter obtained by the Project on Government Oversight.

“The mission of DHS OIG is to provide independent oversight and promote excellence, integrity, and accountability within DHS,” the employees wrote in the letter signed by “Concerned DHSOIG employees representing every program office at every grade level.”

The employees said they didn’t want to sign their names for fear of retaliation.

Sure, that’s the reason.

The letter is lacking in any kind of meaningful details beyond the general and vague accusations, but it’s there to supply a pretext for the actual goal which is seizing control of the IG office and then using it to purge conservatives or non-leftists from DHS’s purview while coordinating with leftist allies across the government to target conservatives.

And obviously, influence the 2024 election.

Previous reasons for attacking Cuffari involved Trump’s walk to the Church of the Presidents after it had been assailed by a Black Lives Matter mob bent on arson and destruction. Most of the other reasons also involve Trump. That should surprise no one who’s paying attention.

The campaign claims that it’s out to restore integrity. It means it the same way that AG Garland restored credibility to the DOJ with a series of politically motivated witch hunts and raids.

Understand that these are just the components of a larger whole being mobilized across the government. Spygate was a test run. They want total control of all police powers, security elements across the federal government, so they act unrestricted. And they intend to get it.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

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