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Could Denver Church Come to Any Other Conclusion Besides LGBT Can Be Included?

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Published on: January 28, 2017

There is a reason that many of us will never come together on certain issues. The one sides see something very clearly, and the other side sees the opposite side just as clearly. This has caused the situation in our society that we have today.

People begin to feel, because the opposite side will not move, that they hate the people involved. They can come up with no other reason for their stubborn resistance. But there is a good reason for this resistance.

And we can illustrate this in a recent announcement by a Colorado Church.

Christian News reports:

Members of the elder team of Denver Community Church (DCC) announced this week that following a two-year discussion period, and out of a desire to “seek unity,” they have decided to allow homosexuals and transgenders to have full inclusion, permitting them to serve “in any and all levels of leadership.”

Now, the elders I have served with and those with whom I am acquainted would say this was a bad decision. Not because they hate those of the LGBT community, but because they think that their sexual practices are sinful.

But that this eldership was having this discussion shows the real problem. They have started with some bad assumption. They have assumed two things. First, that this is a decision they can make. Second, and even more troubling, they have assumed that all who claim faith actually have faith.

Christian News continues:

“In our journey and conversation, we studied Scripture, prayed together, challenged one another, heard from various viewpoints, and invited our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community to share their stories with us,” the elders state in the four-minute message.

Now I do not doubt their sincere struggle with this issue, nor do I think that they were doing this for attention. But, I believe the problem these elders have is that they skipped a step in their deliberations. In determining whether or not they should allow homosexuals and transgenders in leadership, they forgot to ask if true Christians can live in these situations.

You see, they went into the situation assuming that since Christians still struggle with sin, that the LGBT community is no different. And this is true. There are those who have struggled mightily with the sin of same-sex attraction. But the key word is struggles.

This church has come to the wrong conclusion because it has started with wrong-headed assumptions. Not only are they adulterating God’s Church, but they are also walling off the LGBT community from salvation.

They make the LGBT community believe that they can be redeemed and live a promiscuous lifestyle at the same time. This is a lie.

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