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DieselTec Owner Wins the Day in Jenison Because He Didn’t Back Down

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Published on: June 15, 2015

This is a continuation of my previous two articles, which you can read here and here. I am beginning to solidify my suspicions about I have gotten under the skin of some very powerful people here in West Michigan. It is clear that attempts to silence me are not ending anytime soon. 

I have waited to mention this until after the event, but what transpired behind the scenes with the school district was pretty ugly. Tom Tenbrink, the superintendent of Jenison Public Schools, actually canceled our initial reservation because he felt “an event like ours might not be appropriate for their facility.”

This is a problem because he never asked me one question. He only knew what others and the media had portrayed. Mr. Tenbrink makes that facility available on a regular basis to local churches for services, and at no charge from what I’ve been informed. After being denied our right to rent that facility, I was forced to get some legal bulldogs in the fight to remind Mr. Tenbrink and the district of the potential action we might take if he continued to violate my First Amendment rights. We won, but not before the district decided to use the school’s emergency broadcast system to “warn” every parent in the district and the news media about my event. Their warning stated that they do not agree with me and do not endorse my views. They then stated that they are forced to allow it because of First Amendment rights and couldn’t stop me. Basically, they said they would if they could. My attorney let them know how we felt about that as well.

Additionally, a few days before the event I received an invoice for nearly $3000.00 in additional security costs owed to the district under threat of cancelation if I did not pay. Payable to the district? This is the same district that invited protesters, opened up additional parking lots, and provided an area on district property for them to gather. They rolled out the red carpet for the opposition, feeding the controversy they “assumed” and then tried to charge me to pay for it. However, another letter from legal counsel mentioning some case law and their actions as unconstitutional shut down that attempt. Their response was: “We didn’t actually mean what we said.” The district over stepped their authority. They know it, we know it, and further action is being considered at this time.

Upon arrival to the event facility that night, I was greeted by a man in a green blazer asking, “Is there anything else we can do for you?” and “I’m sorry things went the way they did, we didn’t mean blah blah blah.” I have never had my butt kissed like that, ever. The name on his badge read “Tom Tenbrink.”

There were Sheriff deputies everywhere, at least a dozen if not double that. Their primary focus from the very beginning was to check for concealed carry permits of those choosing to open carry. (In Michigan it is permissible to carry open on school property with a concealed pistol license.) It is important to note they did not check anyone else for anything. If you had a concealed weapon, they wouldn’t have had a clue.

Immediately, upon start of the meeting, protesters began shouting over the speakers with profanity, vulgarity, and insults. All of the speakers did an amazing job at being gracious and tried to engage these people with grace and to get them involved in a positive manner. Our attempts were unsuccessful. I requested over the microphone that the deputies help restore and maintain order, but they did nothing.

As you read on, consider a township hall or a school board meeting and ask yourself if you think they would tolerate such behavior. At one point, a young woman got so disruptive, and because the cops did nothing, a couple of my ushers went to go talk to her and she bit one and tried to kick him in the groin. The Sheriff Deputies removed my usher from the building! His hand was bandaged and he requested that no charges be filed. 

The meeting continued with all of the speakers doing their best to ignore the idiots, but the people that came to listen were robbed of their right to hear what we came to say. Again, the deputies did nothing. I personally went around to every deputy in the building and demanded they do their job. They claimed that they were doing their job as instructed. I told them they were a disgrace to the uniform and they took an oath to uphold the law and were allowing lawlessness to occur intentionally.

When I got to the Police Captain, he told me (two different times) that he had been instructed by the prosecutor’s office to do nothing. Can you believe what you are reading? I couldn’t believe I heard it. The law enforcement officers were told to not enforce the law! Does Baltimore come to mind?

Tom Tenbrink, superintendent of schools, was there the whole time and also did nothing. All of the authority present encouraged the behavior of these idiots by doing nothing.

The good news: shortly after 10pm, the media left and the idiocracy died down. Of the few instigators that were left, we called them out by offering a microphone to them and they were suddenly afraid to speak and left shortly thereafter.

Here is the really cool part: Once the instigators and the media were gone, these young people started asking really good questions and listening to the answers. I ended up sitting on the edge of the stage with Bradlee Dean while dozens of college-age kids moved up front and were listening to us. One after another, these kids started to apologize for their own behavior that evening.

See people, it’s not too late. The young people in America are our future leaders and there is still hope. I made a point to tell them that I held no ill will toward them as I was energetic and angry not that long ago myself. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I really don’t care what people say about me and I certainly don’t scare easy. I will fight for this nation and especially its youth. I will not let the reprobate minds take from us what has been bought and paid for with blood.

Since this event, the new tactic used by the local media is leading people to believe my business is up for sale, a blatant lie with malicious intent to harm my business. Thank you all who have been following my fight and thereby giving me a voice. I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon.

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