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Doctor Exposes Problems With Upcoming COVID-19 Vaccine: The Potential Is Shocking

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Published on: July 29, 2020

The US government agency, National Institute of Health (NIH), and various public forums, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc., are hard at work to remove, scrub, and censor information provided by independent physicians and pertinent scientific medical studies regarding anything related to COVID-19, coronavirus, and treatment.  As additional information becomes available that contradicts the “official narrative”, the public can expect this information to be censored and lamestream government-controlled propaganda entertainment enemedia (LGCPEE) kick into massive overdrive to label the information as “misinformation”, “misleading information”, and/or “false information”.  It has already occurred and will continue as long as the willfully ignorant public ingest the Kool-Aid given to them by compromised media outlets, such as CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, NBC, and CBS, to name a few.

Doctor Gives Dire Warning About Fast-Tracked COVID Vaccine (Video)

Alternative media citizen journalists are spending hours combing through social media platforms and YouTube to find pertinent, proven factual, and scientific information in hopes of educating readers to the dangers posed, not by the coronavirus or COVID-19 itself, but the dangers of a government agenda coinciding with a global agenda to inflict harm among the people of every nation – in particular, the focus is on the united States.  There has been an overwhelming amount of information presented to readers to digest;  some information has sounded like science fiction.  However, the information is science fact.  Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Science fiction is the precursor to science fact”.  

As you will see in the video discovered on YouTube, vaccines are more than just poison placed in your body to cause harm.  Vaccines are also a way to rewrite your DNA and RNA, place artificial intelligence (AI) into your body to alter your brain, and possibly to “create” a genetically modified human that could be “patented” and “owned” by any one of the pharmaceutical companies that developed a vaccine, speaking of the push and rush for COVID-19 vaccines, or “owned” by Bill Gates as well as a number of “global” entities and even your own government. 

This is Dr. Carrie Madej who is an internal medicine physician trained in osteopathy that has studied the subject of vaccines for approximately 20 years.  Listen carefully to what she has to say.  At the end, Dr. Carrie becomes emotional because of the gravity of the information she is disseminating.

Did you catch the different types of cells that are used in vaccines?  She references immortalized cell lines, which do not die, aka cancer cells.  She then makes reference to aborted fetal cells, aka diploid cells, that are contained in vaccines.  While Big Pharma and Bill Gates uses fancy jargon to describe these cells, remember, vaccines are littered with cancer cells and murdered babies in the womb cells.

No one can patent and own a “natural” organism – tree, plant, human, etc. – because it exists in nature.  However, if the organism is modified, think genetically modified crops, then the corporation responsible for the genetic modification can patent the “new” organism and own it.  She then questions using recombinant DNA and RNA vaccines in human that could “rewrite” genetic code, transforming the individual into something “new”, that could be “patented” and “owned”, meaning you would lose control over your person.  Listen carefully;  watch multiple times if needed.  But, don’t dismiss this information as “false” or misleading.  Genetic modification in animals has already occurred when human cells were introduced into an animal species, creating a “new” organism.

She also talks about nanobot technology that can be introduced into the human body through hydrogel technology.

This COVID-19 vaccine being rushed into production has skipped most of the safety and research steps required by the FDA in order to use in the human population.  Human trials are now in process.  In addition to being laced with cancer and murdered baby in the womb human cells, vaccines are most notably laced with mercury, a toxic metal to humans.  The COVID-19 is a recombinant DNA and RNA vaccine, which has NEVER been used before in humans – EVER.  Moreover, the companies manufacturing these vaccines are allowed to “self-certify” they are safe and effective, without any independent, objective, outside oversight;  and, we all know these companies are exempt from liability should there be serious and/or fatal side effects.

My friends, what is it going to take to open the eyes of those who are asleep?  Proverbs 14:18 states, “The simple inherit folly;  but the prudent are crowned with knowledge”. (The Holy Bible, New American Standard version)  No one should be taking any type of vaccine, ever!  This has been stated over and over, but the ignorant follow blindly and will inherit their folly.  Please do your own research and decide for yourself.  

Spread this far and wide.  Download the video to your computer or use software to make a recording.  It won’t be long before the censors take it down.

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