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Documents Show US Government Involved in Chemtrails & Weather Modification Since The 1940s & Covertly Coordinate With “Various Governments Around The World”

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Published on: December 30, 2022

I can remember just a few years back how many of us that expressed concern over being poisoned through chemtrails were met with incredulous looks and claims that we were “conspiracy theorists.”  Of course, that term was coined by the Central Intelligence Agency in an attempt to silence those who were telling the truth about the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  Yet, there are actual documents that demonstrate the government has been unlawfully engaged in this practice going back into the 1940s, where it was clearly expressed they wanted to use such measures to modify the weather. Furthermore, the US government is covertly coordinating this effort with foreign governments around the world that are doing the same thing.

Years ago, my friend Jim White and I had a national radio show and interviewed Dane Wigington from  He was the first person that showed me the documents I will now relay to you.  They come from two articles he has done on the subject.

First, he provided these documents from the US Senate on national and global weather modification.

“How big does the climate engineering elephant in the room need to be before it can no longer be hidden in plain site?” asked Wigington.  “How much more historical proof do we need of the ongoing climate engineering/weather warfare before the denial of the masses crumbles? When will populations around the globe bring to justice all those responsible for the ongoing and rapidly worsening worldwide weather warfare assault?”

The answer is only when the population is made aware of the truth, they embrace that truth and realize the threat and then mobilize against it.

Wigington listed 20 key pages from a 750 page document on this issue.

In commenting on the document, Wigington wrote, “It is a mountain of information that further confirms the ongoing extensive involvement of our government in climate modification/weather warfare. This document also confirms the involvement of foreign governments around the globe, even governments that would otherwise have been considered “hostile to US interests”. Within this text a great many aspects and consequences of the ongoing national and global weather modification programs are discussed. Legal implications (including the need for total immunity from any form of prosecution), biological implications, societal implications, environmental implications, etc. Named in the document are federal agencies involved as well as major universities. Again, because the entire document is a long and arduous read, some excerpts are posted below to give insight into the documents contents. The mountain of data to confirm the ongoing climate engineering insanity continues to grow.”

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Here is the full document.

Weather Modification – Prog… by Tim Brown

Dane then followed up with another document from 1966, which he located in the NASA archives.

“A rapidly increasing mountain of data makes ever more clear that almost none of us alive today have known completely natural weather,” he wrote.

He would also point out that this is a global conspiracy in the sense that these covert weather modification programs would be coordinated by “various governments around the world.”  In other words, this would be an attack on the People by their own governments, as well as foreign governments.

Referencing this document, Wigington wrote:

This file report outlines in great detail the existence of expanding US weather modification programs as far back as 1956, a full decade earlier than the date of the document in question. A “special commission” is outlined in this document to coordinate the multiple governmental agencies involved with US weather modification programs as well as independent contractors and universities which the report also mentions. It covers the “management” of international impacts, legal and social ramifications, species disruptions, biological consequences, etc.

That massive covert government programs have been playing “God” with the biosphere for well over 60 years, perhaps even longer. In recent years the scope and scale of these devastating weather modification programs has been ramped up so much that the entire climate system and biosphere is now hanging in the balance.

The lethal nature of the ongoing “geoengineering” programs can not be overstated. Life on our planet is in freefall for many reasons, but mathematically speaking climate engineering is the greatest assault of all against life on Earth. Documents like the one linked below need to be shown to those that continue to deny the ongoing climate engineering reality. With each passing day radical fluctuations in weather continue to accelerate as a direct result of the ongoing geoengineering insanity. Geoengineering must be brought into the light of day and to a halt. Those responsible for the climate engineering programs should be seen criminals that have participated in ecocide and genocide. The corporate media and the “meteorologists” that serve them must also be exposed for  their part in hiding the aerosol spraying assault from public veiw. Each and every one of us are needed to assist in the most critical effort to reach critical mass of awareness, lets make every day count in this battle.

Recommended National Progra… by Tim Brown

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