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Dodging the Hillary Bullet

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Published on: November 10, 2016

In the film (and of course the book) The Godfather, there was a period in the story in which a full-on gang war broke out between the five rival mob families. During that time, it wasn’t safe for the mob soldiers to be seen anywhere in public, including in proximity to their homes, where their families would be at risk of becoming collateral damage. While the old-school mob eschewed involving civilians in their affairs, when there are men blazing away in public places with drum-fed .45 caliber Tommy Guns, civilians occasionally get caught in the crossfire.

As the story goes, the mob soldiers holed up in fleabag motels or unobtrusive safe houses in small groups, waiting for calls to go out and do business or assassinate soldiers from rival families, until one faction won the war or a truce was brokered, which is what occurred in the film. The tiny safe houses were outfitted with little more than mattresses for the men to sleep on; hence the term “going to the mattresses.”

With a Hillary Clinton presidency, many conservative and libertarian types would have been going to the mattresses in the philosophical and perhaps even the literal one. With regard to their liberty, safety and the future of their descendants, they would have rightly expected the assault on the Bill of Rights to continue, particularly in the case of the First and Second Amendments. The many poison pills contained in Obamacare would incrementally begin to supersede the most important tenets of the Bill of Rights, coming as a surprise to all save for those who wrote the health care law – and perhaps you and me. And we needn’t even get started on the Supreme Court.

The Fourth Amendment would have become a joke, with nationalized police forces emerging across the country, something the Obama regime is already making overtures to implement. Law enforcement and courts – which most Americans support – would have become shambling automatons in service to “The Law,” which, administered by known criminals, would become exponentially more ruthless and capricious. This would have led to dangerous and possibly violent confrontations between citizens and law enforcement.

Considering the overwhelming disgust and distrust the American electorate has developed for its government and the dire straits in which so many find themselves (as I’ve said before, 94 million people out of a 186 million person workforce isn’t 5 percent unemployment, it’s over 50 percent), I believe it would have been an impossibility for Hillary Clinton to pull off an electoral win without massive election and voter fraud. There are simply not enough of us sufficiently stupid nor deluded enough to have cast votes for Clinton simply because she’s a female, especially after the deception attendant to the election of one Barack Hussein Obama and his disastrous two terms.

I think it’s quite likely that without the fraudulent techniques employed behind the scenes, Hillary Clinton’s defeat this week would have been even more resounding; so much so that even her most vociferous detractors might have felt sorry for her. Unfortunately for Clinton, the devices employed could not overcome the sheer numbers of those who supported Trump.

Despite the election fraud that did in fact occur during the 2012 election, not one leading Republican gave voice to this. The modality of acedia and acquiescence on the part of congressional Republicans during Obama’s presidency evidenced their accord with the implementation of national socialist (progressive) polity in America and promised little if any resistance to the expansion of a leviathan statist government and a dismantling of the Constitution under Clinton. Evidence like this and the GOP leadership’s summary refusal to challenge Obama on anything gave rise to the movement that put Donald Trump in the winner’s circle.

Draconian and illicit tactics on the part of the Clinton and Obama crime families aside, a large measure of what gave Trump his following during the campaign was that many voters had come to the conclusion that not only Hillary Clinton, but the vast majority of Beltway politicians are irredeemable, unregenerate reprobates of the lowest order. They also realize that from congressman to president to their counterparts in other Western nations, these elites see themselves not as public servants, but as global royalty entitled to dictate how the governed ought to live by virtue of nothing other than their having been clever enough to maneuver themselves into their coveted position of power.

While a Donald Trump presidency can potentially facilitate a comprehensive grass-roots campaign of edification regarding the evils of progressivist-socialism, a Hillary Clinton presidency would have ensured that such a process was killed in the womb if it even began to take form.

I have been saying for a long time that these statist elites are manifestly, morally, and even biblically evil. The significant difference now is that our fellow citizens are beginning to come to this realization.

We definitely dodged a bullet in evading a Hillary Clinton presidency, but a collective sigh of relief is not yet in order – not by a long shot. Ronald Reagan’s presidency was unable to mitigate the previous decades of statist encroachment in the long term; this is because too few of us realized at that time how thoroughly entrenched the program already was.

Donald Trump has bought us some time and the opportunity to bring into focus for the American people the profoundly dangerous folly of leftist politics – but it will all be for naught if we fail to capitalize on it. The elitist establishment in Washington and their objectives are greater threats to our republic than were the Civil War or the two World Wars. These parasites must be purged in order to secure the future of this nation. The only question ought to be regarding the manner in which we bring this about.

Article reposted with permission fromErik Rush

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