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Father Blasts Obama for not deporting Illegal Alien who Killed his Son

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Published on: November 13, 2014

Don Rosenberg penned a letter to Barack Obama demanding he write an executive order to bring his son and tens of thousands of other Americans who have been killed by illegal aliens back to life.

Mr. Rosenberg first sent a letter to Obama in August, which he never received a response to. He wrote:

On August 18, 2014 I sent you a letter through the office of DHS Deputy Secretary Mayorkas. I had met with Deputy Secretary Mayorkas in Los Angeles in July and asked him if he would deliver a letter to you. He agreed, so I sent it to his assistant Robert Silver. I also sent the letter to Secretary Johnson, whom I had met in May through Christian Marrone on August 20, 2014 and asked him to forward the letter to you. To date I have not even received the obligatory, “I’m sorry for your loss” letter, so I am sending you another copy. I do not know if you received the letter although I have no reason to believe that Mr. Johnson, Mr. Mayorkas or their staffs did not deliver it to you. Considering your lack of recognizing the true victims of illegal immigration (no, not those here illegally) I certainly would not be surprised if you or any of your [aides] just tossed it in the shredder.

In sending the letter a second time, he asked, “While your Executive Order pad is out, can you write one to bring my son and the tens of thousands (actually over 100,000) killed by illegal aliens back to life and to bring our destroyed families back together?”

Obviously, Rosenberg did it in order to put the death of his son in the face of Barack Obama due to his failed immigration policies. Rosenberg’s son Drew was killed in 2010 when an illegal alien, Robert Galo, ran him over after hitting his motorcycle. Galo attempted to flee the scene and ran over Drew at least twice, finally stopping the car on his torso. Drew was not immediately killed in the slow speed accident.

“I know that shortly you will be issuing some sort of Executive Order protecting millions of lawbreakers, many of whom have killed people but all of whom share some responsibility for those killed,” Rosenberg wrote. “I know that you want to prevent their families from being separated. By the way, your administration refused to deport the man who killed my son. I was told, ‘He’s only committed one crime of moral turpitude.'” 

According to one report, Rosenberg’s son was “one of 3,000 people killed by illegal immigrant drivers in 2010, but that more than 7,000 people a year die from accidents caused by people without valid licenses.”

Just recently an illegal alien in North Carolina hit two small children at a school bus stop and fled the scene. Both instances are just snapshots of the results of the Obama administration’s immigration policies.

It’s also interesting to note that Don Rosenberg is a self-described “lifelong, very liberal Democrat.” However, he has openly opposed California’s measure to grant illegal aliens driver’s licenses. He told Fox News Latino, “There’s no evidence that giving drivers test to anyone – not necessarily people here illegally but giving drivers licenses to anyone makes the roads safer and makes them better drivers and to the contrary the evidence is overwhelming that it doesn’t.”

So, what happened to the illegal alien who killed his son and attempted to flee the scene of the crime? Well, Mr. Galo served a mere 43 days in jail after his charges were reduced from vehicular homicide to vehicular manslaughter! On top of that, once he was released, he was not deported.

“The word we got back from [U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services] was that he had only committed . . . ‘one crime of moral terpitude’ – which, of course, sounds much better than he’s only killed one person,” Rosenberg told Neil Cavuto.

Rosenberg didn’t give up though. He kept after the federal government and finally Galo was deported to Honduras in 2012, though one does wonder if he might be one of the tens of thousands who are streaming back across our southern border.

You may recall how CJ Roberson told the story (In an exclusive three part series) of her ex-husband who has been known to be an illegal alien from Iran with falsified documents since before 9/11. Yet, even after being jailed for nine months, continues to remain in the United States and work for government defense contractors.

If immigration laws are not going to be enforced, then what good are they? Does a lack of enforcement of these laws put others at risk? Absolutely, and Drew Rosenberg is exhibit A.

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