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Donald Trump is Missing the Real Danger of Election Rigging

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Published on: October 20, 2016

Over the last week, members of the establishment press have seethed with mock outrage over accusations by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his running mate, Gov. Mike Pence, that the upcoming general election is being “rigged by the national media.” Since the two began making these claims, obsequious pundits and television talking heads on the left have, with decidedly spooky overtones, unilaterally adopted the label “dangerous and irresponsible rhetoric” to characterize these claims. Amidst all of this, the press has enthusiastically reported on certain feeble allegations that Trump is a misogynistic reprobate with an Andrew “Dice” Clay deportment toward women.

When the liberal press begins to squeal like a 1950s cartoon housewife treed atop a chair due to the mouse scurrying around her kitchen floor, one can pretty much rest assured that the charges to which they’re reacting are more than well-founded.

To regular readers of this column and millions who will be casting votes for Trump and Pence next month, it is well known that the establishment press corps (that’s pronounced “core” rather than “corpse”) is nothing but a propaganda machine dedicated to advancing the international socialist agenda. In 2008, we witnessed their wholesale deception of voters with regard to the character of one Barack Hussein Obama. During his presidency, we’ve seen this group run interference for every illegal, unethical and unconstitutional act he and his co-conspirators have committed. Now, they’re pulling out all the stops, since they’re backing a known criminal in Hillary Rodham Clinton; worse, they are faced with an electorate that is, at least in part, more aware of her character than they were of Obama’s eight years ago.

That said, I am far less concerned with press claims that Trump parboils preemies for lunch than the very real possibility that the upcoming election could be literally rigged by the progressive-socialist establishment through the use of technology, mass election fraud and good old thug tactics.

Most have forgotten this by now (if ever they were aware of it to start with), but the 2008 Democratic primary was marked by massive, organized election fraud. During the 2012 election, there were widespread and confirmed instances of election fraud related by voters and voting machine technical personnel; these reported that voting machines were flipping votes for Republican nominee Mitt Romney to incumbent Barack Obama. In other instances, entire precincts reported zero votes for Romney, a statistical impossibility.

We also recall the outcry on the part of the Romney campaign and GOP leaders in the wake of these crimes after Obama won a second term.

Wait … that’s right – there wasn’t an outcry. Isn’t that curious?

As with each and every atrocity committed by the Obama administration, as well as those recently revealed as having been committed by Hillary Clinton and her husband, not one meaningful response to systematic election fraud on the part of Democrats has ever been made by Republican leaders. Nor have they ever criticized the Democrat proclivity for vehemently resisting efforts to reinforce the integrity of the voting process. How strange that their priorities in this area appear to be identical to those of the press. At present, we’re even hearing some GOP leaders all but endorse Hillary Clinton, citing the aforementioned feeble allegations against Donald Trump.

In the meantime, the press continues to release polling data that allegedly shows Clinton and Trump in a nose-to-nose race. How very interesting, considering the anecdotal evidence: Huge Trump rallies versus pathetic ones for Clinton, public data dumps revealing Clinton’s crimes and a demonstrable antipathy toward the political status quo amongst Democratic, Republican and independent voters alike.

To understand the true political lay of the land at present, one must ask oneself but one question: How did Donald Trump win the Republican nomination in the first place, a prospect that was almost laughable a year ago?

If one wants to discuss ancient video of Trump, they might consider clips of the candidate being interviewed on television talk shows 20 or 30 years ago. Many of these make it apparent that he has known what ails America politically for a very long time, and he is articulating the remedies right now. His talk of “draining the swamp” of those in the political class who compromise Americans’ liberties, trade, our economy, our international standing and our national security evidences this wisdom. These are the things against which average Americans are currently railing (whether they know it or not), and Trump acknowledging them when no one else in the political arena is doing so reflects his knowledge of the scope of change our nation will have to undergo in order to preserve the republic.

Should Ms. Clinton win the presidency through propaganda and election fraud, we can be sure that their stealth socialist accomplices in the GOP will simply treat it like an honest win and don the “aw, shucks; better luck next time” mantle. They will continue to play the foil to Democrats as the latter spearheads the push toward America’s initiation into a fascistic socialist mega-state.

In such a case, it is likely that the blinders will come off, and millions of voters will suddenly comprehend the scope of change our nation needs to undergo in order to preserve the republic – but by that time, it will almost certainly be too late.

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Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

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