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I Lied to the Pollsters

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Published on: October 20, 2016

I know that lying is a sin…at least, that is what I am told the Bible teaches.  However, the Bible actually says that it is a sin to “bear false witness against thy neighbor.”  

Not all lying is sinful.  The purpose of the commandment “Thou Shall Not Lie”…which isn’t actually what the 9th commandment says…is to protect one another.  It is wrong to “bear false witness.”  Not all lies bear false witness.  I would proudly lie to protect my wife if someone was threatening to hurt her.

“Where’s your wife, buddy?” the terrorist with a knife in his mouth asked as he bashed in the door.

“She isn’t here!!  She is spending the weekend going door to door for Hillary.”  I respond.

“Okay.  But if she was here I’d kill her.” He responds in Arabic.

I wouldn’t feel guilty if she survives because I lied.  It wouldn’t be a sin.

But that is commentary for another day.

This has been an especially busy election season around our house.  I have only been polled over the phone once in my life before this election, but I have been surveyed three times just in the last month.

And I lied every time.

I think cell phones have screwed up the pollsters.  Very few folks have a land-line anymore, but we have not given ours up yet.  So I suppose that is why we are such a hot number.

Although the questions do very a little bit all three calls asked these three questions.

  1. Did you vote in the last election?
  2. Are you likely to vote in the 2016 election?
  3. What is your political affiliation?

I answered falsely to each question.  In fact, I answered differently in all three occasions.

It was hard to lie while I was snickering so hard.  

That is why I know the polls are rigged.  

I often see online polls.  But you can’t trust what they tell us.  It seems they are not scientific.  As if the polls I recently took part in were scientific.  EVERY response I gave was false.  Every one.

Polls are not designed to report public opinion.  Polls are designed to shape public opinion.  Polls have become news.  They ARE the story.  Although Americans are pretty fickle, I doubt if public opinion changes every three days.

It would make sense if they polled the same respondents every time to see if their opinions had changed.  But to simply try and convince me that my neighbor’s opinion represent the views of everyone in our neighbor is quite a stretch.  Heck, here in my neighborhood, not everyone roots for the Buckeyes…in a state where EVERYONE roots for the Buckeyes.  Why should I believe that some cracker 16 miles down the road shares my political opinion?

They are taking us for a ride.  They are doing everything they can do to suppress voter turnout.  Trump is toast, they tell us…and they hope that you won’t take the time to go and vote for a guy who has already lost.

Christian women have been an especially ripe target.  If they can somehow convince Christian women that Trump is immoral, then they will not turn out and vote for him.  Remember…polls are used to influence public opinion.

I already voted.   My wife did too.  We both voted differently from what we told the pollsters.  I wonder if that will screw up the three “scientific” polls they did over the phone.

The media treats polls like a scoreboard in a football game.  They have convinced us that the score is ever-changing…daily, actually…and dummies like us turn in to see who is ahead today…and why.  The pundits on TV are like analysts in a football game.  They explain why one team is behind and what they will have to do in the 2nd half in order to win.  The polls are the hook to get you to tune in…and watch them give you a daily play by play of the game.  If they really wanted to make election night exciting, they would give us running totals of the votes as they are recorded.  Can you imagine a football game where they don’t let you know the score until after the game is over?  That’s how they manipulate us.  That is why it is so easy to cheat.  Let us know who is winning so we can get our friends and drive them to the polls and help win the game for our guy.

Can you imagine a football game where they give you the score after the game is over but no one ever witnessed anyone actually scoring a touchdown?  That is election night reporting.

Consider this, and then I will shut up.  How do we know that the person conducting the poll records the answers that the respondent actually gives?  How do we know that, when they give us their polling “sample,” that the political affiliations where accurate and not changed by the person taking the poll or by someone analyzing the poll?  How do we know that anyone in the entire polling chain is actually telling the truth?  What if the caller lied when recording results?  What if the respondent lied while answering the questions?  What if the analyst compiling the results fudged the numbers to meet the polling company’s intended result?  What if they cherry-picked Democrat responses?  What if they threw out the one’s they didn’t like?   What if they merely sampled people in their campaigned?  What if all of the responses are made up?

And don’t forget that they way the question is asked makes all of the difference.  For instance, what if instead of asking “Do you believe in a women’s right to choose?” they asked “Do you believe in an unborn child’s right to live?”

Always remember.  He who frames the question wins the debate.  The agenda of the polling company means everything.  How can they call this science if the numbers are faked?  Can anyone say Global Warming?

Lie to them.  If a pollster calls you, please take the call and then answer every question falsely.  I wonder what the atmosphere in America would be today if they didn’t inform us every day who is winning and who is losing.  My gut would tell me Trump is ahead.

Give the media some of their own medicine.  Lie to the hucksters.

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