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Don’t Say You Haven’t Been Warned about Barack Obama… Twice

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Published on: September 20, 2014

It was early 2007 when I first began warning America about the individual who represents himself as Barack Hussein Obama being an anti-Western, anti-American, anti-white, anti-Semitic Marxist. In the following 18 months, a few of us managed to disseminate the deeply disturbing information we gleaned (which was readily available, if not widely reported) on the Democrat candidate.

Unfortunately, none of this did much in the face of the cult of personality and mass marketing that was used to sell this creature to the American electorate. Even Obama’s convicting so-called autobiographical work, Dreams From My Father, replete with bitter anti-Americanism and liberal racist dogma, didn’t do the trick, nor did revelations of his associations with domestic terrorists.

In the years since Obama’s election, of course, he has, in fact, manifested some of the darkest fears his detractors held, and we’ve learned even more about him.

We’ve learned he’s not who he says he is, if for no other reason than his birth certificate and Selective Service Registration were faked, and his Social Security number was purloined from another individual, as well as having been issued from a state in which Obama never resided.

We’ve learned that Obama had a bizarre and perverse upbringing, probably even more bizarre and perverse than the one to which he admits. At this juncture, I can safely say that the narrative of his birth and family of origin is certainly bogus; certain individuals represented therein either never existed, or had roles other than those in the official narrative. His background supporting material is lousy with lost, doctored, and forged documents, and altered photographs.

Surrounded by Marxists, atheists, black nationalists, domestic terrorists, and sundry low-level criminals, drug use, sexual deviance, and the general self-destructive hedonism of these characters pervaded Obama’s early life. As intimated in his own writing, it is likely that he was molested by (or had a consensual sexual relationship with) at least one pederast. Thus, during his career development (such as it was), association with subversives and lowlifes probably seemed perfectly normal.

We learned about the political roots of Obama, his associates, and mentors in Dinesh D’Souza’s film 2016: Obama’s America, which detailed the resentment that people of his ideological bent hold for European nations and America due to their foreign policy over the century or so, and the alleged “under-development” and economic exploitation of Third World nations.

We learned about Obama’s lifelong associations with radicals and Marxists who, as a matter of public record, possess a deep hatred for the entire paradigm of Western civilization, capitalism, and Christianity in particular. They also happen to idolize the twentieth-century’s most notorious tyrants and genocidal maniacs.

Given Obama’s actions while President, we’ve learned that he is at least an Islamist sympathizer, if not a closeted Muslim himself. In fact, it is quite probable that at least part of his higher education was directly funded by foreign Islamist operatives. Obama courted the Muslim Brotherhood (an organization whose stated goals include the ascendency of Islam in America), and has supported their agenda both overtly and covertly. Not only did he dismantle the anti-terrorism infrastructure of U.S. federal law enforcement and the Pentagon, but he insinuated Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist operatives into sensitive areas of the federal government. He almost singlehandedly catalyzed the Arab Spring, which has led to the deaths of untold thousands across the Middle East and Africa, and in so doing has committed acts of treason against the United States of America.

Obama just got through selling Congress on yet another abysmal and nebulous plan to militarily support “vetted, moderate” forces in Syria (who have been fighting to topple Syrian president Bashar al-Assad for the last few years) in the White House’s new campaign against the terror group ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Unfortunately for the region, the U.S. economy, and our long-term security, lawmakers are either conveniently or imprudently overlooking that:

  1. ISIS is an Obama creation,
  2. All of the military aid America has supplied to the anti-Assad rebels to date is now in the hands of ISIS, and
  3. There are in fact no “vetted, moderate” forces in Syria.

All of the anti-Assad forces work together regularly, and they’re all Islamists. Scratch the surface of a “moderate” Free Syrian Army soldier, and you’ll find a budding jihadi.

And they’re all using us – with Obama’s very willing assistance.

Obama’s key objective in this case remains to topple Assad, the last pillar of relative stability in the region. With Assad gone, ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other virulent Islamist forces will dominate the region. However, in the wake of American outrage over the beheadings of two American journalists and with current threats to the homeland, American lawmakers – particularly Republicans – are loath to balk against the president’s ISIS strategy, however enfeebled such an effort may be, since Obama would almost surely blame them for any successful ISIS attacks against America.

At this very moment, despite the testimony of intelligence experts, local law enforcement, and physical evidence, the Obama administration continues to deny that ISIS forces are amassing south of our border with Mexico, and may already be in the United States.

Now, consider this, the most terrifying part of the picture…

In the framework of the twisted, bitter worldview embraced by Obama and his malevolent ideological kin, it stands to reason they would believe that the principal beneficiaries of America’s “crimes” – the American people – should be made to suffer, preferably as much as those whom America and its “co-conspirators” have allegedly exploited.

Right across our border, it appears that Obama now has just the tools to do this, with the help of craven Democrats employing the politics of immigration, and whorish Republicans capitulating to same.

Yet, despite this mountain range of evidence, it somehow remains incomprehensible, even to many Obama detractors who have all this information, that Obama’s actions reflect his intention. Perhaps it is because that in publicly acknowledging this intention, they would suddenly find themselves forced to act decisively against this saboteur, and that is something they are either too afraid to do, or unwilling to do – even if it means the loss of American lives on our own soil – and sometime very soon, I’d wager.

At present, Obama supporters, as well as elements of the liberal press, giggle, titter, and mince at the “absurdity” of the allegations that I and some of my colleagues are making in this area.

It does bear mentioning that these are the same people who giggled, tittered, and minced at the “absurdity” of allegations I put forth seven years ago regarding the junior U.S. Senator from Illinois.


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